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Need Help? Are you stuck with your coding issue?

Need Help?

The following resources are valuable to learning software development:

Google the problem
Mozilla MDN Web Docs
Software development, coding, programming, and tech discord groups

P.S. this isn't going to exactly tell you What you need to get past your frustration or issue.

LOOK FOR THE answer, mostly everyone wants a handout. Don't be like everyone else.

Go get it yourself, don't be soft. Look for your own damn answers, and quit complaining, frustration is a part of the process.

Help yourself get better by using these. There are plenty more that could be named but this is an ideal way to get some sort of answers to your questions. 👨‍💻

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Pacharapol Withayasakpunt • Edited

What about ?

Actually, what I now need most is web SECURITY and database SECURITY, where I hardly find anyone to discuss or answer.

It's not coding issue per se, but rather coding fear.

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Tech Kaya

Definitely is obvious. You are on it. Lmao.

Have you seen or

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Thomas Shepard

How do each of these help?

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Tech Kaya

They are resources. Look up your issues with these resources and you will find your answers to your problems.