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Career in Tech: Why Bother If You're Female?

If that statement triggered you, that is precisely the point as to why you SHOULD bother.

Taking a trip down memory lane...

I was a freshman in college taking up my very first major programming class. Lo and behold I failed. I mean believe me when I say "I. TRIED. SO. HARD." πŸ˜‚ You could imagine the disappointment I felt. I admit feeling like a slow learner. I just couldn't keep up.

That moment, so many things have echoed in my head: "Why bother?", "To begin with, you were never good at this.", "You could have taken up that other course instead of Computer Science", etc.

You see, there is that beautiful and magical moment in life ✨ where you experience your first working code. I don't mean "Hello World"πŸ˜‚. I mean an actual small project that works after devoting so much time and effort to it.

That was my fuel. Something that "tiny" served as my fuel. It was my interest in technology that kept me going against the odds that were thrown at me.

Everyone has their own path and unique set of experiences but I believe that if you're passionate and interested in this field, why should you go against it? This is the part where I say "Nevertheless, She Coded". πŸ‘‘

Equality in tech looks like…

How about we stop the labels and focus more on our interests? I would be lying if I said that equality in tech exists everywhere. The reality is that we are not fully there yet. I'd like to think that if you are genuinely interested in this field then it does not matter what gender you are. You are your own person. Everybody has their own unique "magic" that can be contributed to the tech world.

Equality in tech looks like a collaborative and open environment where ideas can be spoken and taken seriously without the bias. ... and lots of coffee β˜•

My advice for allies to support self-identifying women and non-binary folks who code is...

"She's smarter than me", "He codes better than I do", "I can't reach that level of brilliance". The list goes on but you have to stop. Comparison most often puts you in a spot where you belittle yourself. I cannot stress enough the amount of unnecessary unhealthy negativity this brings you. It's a cliche advice but it is one that is the hardest to do.

2. No Shame
Embrace yourself!πŸ€— Celebrate your interests and pursue them. If people tell you "It might be too hard for you", happily say "Well then I'm glad to take the challenge". Be proud of what you have accomplished so far... whether its by completing a project or learning something new.

3. Women helping Women
You can easily do a Google search on stories that involve bias in the workplace or the struggles that females face in this career path. One particular topic that piqued my reading is the competition between other females. Ladies, we need to support each other. That in itself is a big step to contribute to a healthy environment for all of us. A little support goes a long way.

Key Takeaway / Challenge

Career in Tech: Why Bother If You're Female? If that statement triggered you, that is precisely the point as to why you SHOULD bother. Now, don't get me wrong.

The reality is that there are still struggles as a female working in tech. I mean this statement still creates controversy and it is mentioned up until this day. I invite you to fight for what matters -- by being YOU.

Career in Tech: Why Bother If You're Female? Because YOU want to.
Do it for YOU. You drive your own life. You steer it. You are no different than anyone else who wants to purse this career path. Being a female should not be a reason for reconsideration or hindrance.

Happy International Women's Day! ❀️

Disclaimer: This is my first post! I am excited to read other #shecoded posts.

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