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Laravel 6 Notification Tutorial

Hello artisan, in this tutorial, i will show you how to send email notification in laravel 6. we will create laravel 6 notification to email address. we will send email to notify user using laravel 6 notification system.

Using laravel 6 notifications, you can send email, send sms, send slack message notification to user. in this example i give you very simple way to create first notification to send mail in laravel 6. we can easily create Notification by laravel artisan command.

We can easily customization of notification like mail subject, mail body, main action etc. we almost require to use notification when we work on large amount of project like e-commerce. might be you need to send notification for payment receipt, order place receipt, invoice etc.

In this example we will create email notification and send it to particular user, than we saved to database. So, you need to follow few step to make basic example with notification.

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