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Why React+Django is the most preferred in 2022?

I am not biased, but my five years of experience in the tech world have given me a small clue on tech evolution. As a technologist, one must not run from one tech to another. It is sucking. It can send you to the hospital due to depression, especially those in a web development carrier.

Over the years, I have seen ‘React’ overtaking other frontend development frameworks like angular and vue.js. It’s not the latest, but it has some power over the rest. It’s easier for newbies.

I am a fan of backend development, majoring in python Django. I love its simplicity and the way you maneuver through MVC. Furthermore, I am very motivated towards deploying AI projects. That’s why python has been a babe to me. To add to that, I am currently learning “react.js” to add to my tools.

Many developers prefer to react.js on the front end and Django on the back end, according to 2021 statistics. It’s okay to develop a site with raw HTML, vanilla JavaScript, and Django, but it could be better to have a frontend framework for easier development. In app development, thousands of developers have used React Native+Django. Here are the reasons why:

Speed of development

As a developer, you need to consider time. There are moments when your manager may want a change or a website to perform the function for a short period. That’s when Rapid Application Development methodology is applied. The vast library of react.js makes it easier to complete certain tasks. As a result, the time and cost of development reduces by almost 70%.

Similarly, Django has a vast library such as a built-in Admin site. As a result, it’s easier and faster to avoid reusing the code when using classes. Additionally, updating, deleting, and fetching functionality is pretty easy.


React.js has a virtual DOM with a simple server-side rendering that runs your site faster. However, sometimes you will be dealing with complex and heavy applications. Make sure your site has been optimized to a certain level with react. The tree-structured structure of the DOM model makes the user interface respond faster.

Django community has been doing great to ensure they optimized their functions. You can also do it yourself to ensure the python code responds as fast as possible. It makes use of minimal memory and time. With React and Django, your site will load faster, which is a factor for final users.

Powerful community

Large companies like Instagram use both React and Django. React was founded by the Facebook team. The react community has grown widely over the years, and we are almost at the climax. However, new developers can still join the community to bring more ideas.

Django also improves yearly. There are new packages and solutions to the problems we have been experiencing over the past years.


With Django, you have the mandate to connect and run the application on various servers. This will make it able to manage a lot of sessions simultaneously.

Have you ever thought about how Netflix controls all the millions of sessions simultaneously? Similar things happen to Instagram and Spotify. These are large companies that have employed python on their backend.


It’s easier to link between the backend Django and frontend react.js.In addition to that, Django can be used in all-around web, cross-platform mobile applications, and even stand-alone applications. It can tackle a project of any size, either small or large.

Of course, it is easier to deploy if you are an expert in DevOps (not for everyone, though).

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