What is the sneakiest easter egg you have ever done?

technolaaji profile image Mohamad Kalaaji ・1 min read

by far my greatest easter egg is that in the Country dropdown, I have inserted "The Friendzone" as a country due to it's big space and high population

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I built a middleware layer for our layer of .NET Core services. It's the kind of thing that all applications plug into atoms avlid having to implement standard stuff like logging, compression, api documentation, etc.

I also baked in a pair of api endpoints, one of which is for automated health checks to ping, but the other is an undocumented one that follows the HTTP Coffeepot protocol's 418 I'm a teapot response format. So... each microservices we offer has a hidden endpoint revealing the service thinks that it is, in fact, a teapot.


Whenever I give someone help on linux, I always, have the terminal name as


because that is my favorite 21 Pilots song.


Once made an app which was used for uploading some files from the server, but once you press space-bar (where you have no reason for to press on that site), the whole screen spins 360 degrees


Built a framework for my last company that would send a fake email from Ted Cruz to my boss whenever someone entered something into a honeypot field on our contact forms.