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Learning what VueJS is and how to use it!

Katie Walkowski
Senior at Penn State University pursuing a degree in Health Policy and Administration as well as a minor in Security and Risk Analysis and Information Sciences and Technology.
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Hey guys! This week I'm gonna be talking about Javascript and VueJS. This is something I'm extremely new to and don't have much experience with, but found after some practice and application it actually isn't that hard to grasp!

Javascript is comparatively a lot more on the logical side in regards to HTML and CSS. It is dynamic whereas HTML is static. Changes to the application can be made a lot easier and are more friendly with multiple users using a web application.

VueJS can be described as being a framework to build web applications. There are different elements that Vue adds that makes it easier and more applicable to use in certain situations. Using Vue, you can use templates to dynamically display and change HTML content based values from your JavaScript code.

I created a video giving a tutorial on how to use Javascript and Vue using the resume I made last week with HTML and CSS. My video gives a brief overview on my personal code and how it functions to create what I made!

I would like to mention a few additional details pertaining to my code. The v-for code I used in my HTML is a for loop, meaning the code will repeat. Using v-bind in HTML allows you to dynamically assign and update HTML attributes based on the JavaScript values. Also, in my code where I use target="_blank" this is so that a new tab is created for my Youtube channel to pop up instead of leaving the CodePen page.

Link to CodePen:
Link to Youtube tutorial:

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