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Progressive Web Apps Features & Business Advantages

Web technologies have come a long way and brought amazing concepts into effect over time. For example, you may often come across numbers and reports proving Progressive Web Apps’ greater potential to engage your mobile users and improve your web business.

There is ongoing demand of trendy Progressive Web Apps technology for being cost-effective than your native apps these days. You should take this new technical standard more seriously. After all, PWAs make websites behave like advanced apps and be accessible to users both online and offline.

Let’s take a close look into Progressive Web Apps, their strength, weaknesses, and advantages for your business — because taking up this option demands more than what you have heard or known so far.

Progressive Web Apps — ‘No Downloads but Browser-based Web App’ Concept
Progressive Web Apps are mobile websites built with revolutionary features and capabilities to give a generation next app-like experience based on a fast-forward concept. They will open through an URL typed in on browsers like Google Chrome on your mobile device.

You will find PWAs running smoothly with the help of service workers, even in offline mode. But don’t get confused. Progressive Web Apps are websites — just that they behave just like any regular app, with fast loading custom screen, flash animations, and free from the navigation bar.

PWAs create the illusion of a mobile app accessing a normal browser without even asking your users for downloading and installation.

Think of PWAs as the latest option in the tech industry to enhance cross-platform compatibility and performance across devices. They are now widely adopted for ease of use. Starbucks, Pinterest, Spotify, BMW, MakeMyTrip, Uber, and many more brands have been using this trendy concept to create a hassle-free user experience.

Specialties of PWAs
Progressive Web Apps are less expensive and time-consuming to develop. The average developer, with the help of a JSON and JAVASCRIPT file, can develop them. Unlike conventional apps, PWAs can be cached and optimized for Google. They are easy to link to, share, and promote on the web, increasing your web visibility all the time. You can also use PWAs to validate users, send them notifications, and receive payments automatically.

Frictionless and smart user experience
No issues with internet bandwidth
Appears as a home screen icon on mobile
Automatic refreshment after each session
Would you like to weigh PWAs as an upcoming solution to an already existing or new mobile app for your business?

Let’s take this discussion further, then.

Progressive Web Apps — Exceptional Features and Potential
PWAs have myriads of features and functionalities that make them a great alternative to your regular mobile app. The most important ones are as follows:

Pin and save for later use

it’s easy to pin the PWAs and save them to the home screen of your mobile as an icon for later use.

Responsive and browser compatible

Progressive Web Apps run on all possible browsers, devices and with all operating systems, irrespective of configurations and screen dimensions.

No connectivity issue

The caching of Progressive Web Apps helps them operate with low to no internet connection. Even if you have no internet access, you will never see a black screen rather the last browsed data on the device.

App-like experience

These are website apps imitating navigation and interface of regular apps to keep users at ease.

Active in the background and pushes notification automatically

Moreover, PWAs keep active in the background to send your users notifications even when their mobiles are off. This way, you can keep users updated on the latest content while synchronizing and sending data through progressive web apps.


You don’t have to bother about manually updating PWAs as they do it automatically on their own.

Safety of app management

PWAs need HTTPS to serve webpages and hence deny unauthorized access to content.

Limitations of Progressive Web Apps
In addition to all the exciting features, PWAs always have their share of limitations. As a web technology, they are still developing. But you should take note of all this before seeing them as a solution.

Supports a few but not all features of your device or browser

It is your platform/native system/browser version which decides the extent the PWAs will be supportive for device features (Bluetooth, geo-location, etc.) However, special features like the light sensor or NFC will be far from the list.

Needs manual intervention to communicate with other phone apps

The inclusion and use of service workers will help you control the way PWAs interact with other device apps as they cannot do it independently.

Partially but not fully supportive of iOS

Being Android-oriented, you can’t expect PWAs to support the iOS platform fully.

Loses on marketing potential for non-availability in Google Play/App Store

Though PWAs are quick to launch by skipping the Google Play/App Store, they still lose the heavy marketing effect in the meantime.

Business Advantages of PWAs
Nobody’s perfect, but PWAs is surely advantageous for you — even if we can see a few issues in them. Its potential and list of benefits outnumber the cons. Here is a quick list of why PWAs are good for businesses:

Cost-savings on development

Progressive web applications can be integrated into your existing interface without any extra resources and technology. It saves you significantly on development costs.

Reduced User Effort and Time

Users don’t have to spend more energy and time searching, finding, downloading, and installing your PWAs.

Easy and quick updates

The self-update features keep making PWAs worth usable for your business.

Higher engagement and conversion

With their simple ability to navigate, use and notify, PWAs engage users at a higher rate than native apps can, driving better conversion.

Easy to expand

You can expand website apps module-by-module due to advanced functionalities.

Cross-platform compatible

PWAs are compatible across different platforms.

Basic functionalities for an app-like experience

Progressive web apps are built with all core functionalities to deliver an app-like high-level user experience.

Google backing and promotion

They have Google backing and promotion to prove their worth in the future.

The Final Word
Now, you must be clear on Progressive Web Apps and their scope for your business development. You can’t expect them to be equally effective as a technical solution for every web business owner, but they will certainly help you build strong visibility for already available services and products in the market.

Consult with the best web app development company to know if PWAs will be a perfect fit for your business or not. And if they are, how should it be implemented for your organization

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