How to Deploy a Flask app on Heroku.

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Hello Friends, In this article I will show you how to deploy a flask app on Heroku. Follow the below steps to deploy your python flask app on Heroku.


  1. You must have installed Git in your system.
  2. You must have installed Python in your system.

Step-1: Install Heroku CLI

% brew tap heroku/brew && brew install heroku

Above command is for Mac, for other systems you can click here

Step-2: Create Python Virtual Environment

% python3 -m venv foldername
% source foldername/bin/activate
% cd foldername

Step-3: Install Flask & Gunicorn

% pip3 install flask gunicorn

Step-4: Create an app folder and simple python app

% mkdir app
% cd app
% vi main.py


from flask import Flask
app= Flask(__name__)
def index():
  return "<h1>Welcome to CodingX</h1>"

Step-5: Create an entry point to the application, wsgi.py

% cd ../
% vi wsgi.py


from app.main import app
if __name__ == "__main__":

Step-6: Run the application in your local system

% python wsgi.py

Step-7: Create requirements.txt and Procfile file

% pip3 freeze
% pip3 freeze > requirements.txt
% vi Procfile


web: gunicorn wsgi:app

Step-8: Create an app in Heroku

Heroku new app

Step-9: Deploy your app to heroku

% heroku login
% git init
% heroku git:remote -a codingx-python
% git add.
% git commit -am "First python app"
% git push heroku master

Step-10: Open your application on browser


It's done!

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Thank you, Very good. More people should focus on succinct explanations like this.