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I just downloaded macOS Mojave upgrade, but I haven't pulled the trigger yet. Is there anything I should watch out for; things it would break? If you've installed it already, anything weird going on? In case it didn't break anything, did it improve anything (speed, battery usage etc)


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Two things broke for me:


yikes! bluetooth and anti-aliasing are deal-killers for me (I'm shallow that way). Thanks for the heads up. I think I'll wait a couple weeks more, when it cleans up a bit more.


They are easily fixable though.

Ah, another thing. If you have 32 bit apps Mojave will tell you that's time to upgrade them (it's the last release to support them)

Thankfully, I don't have 32 bit apps anymore. I'm a bit nervous on bluetooth breaking stuff. Hooking up my bluetooth headset is part of my daily ritual. I work in a place where there's lots of noise distractions, so, I kinda need it. I suppose this is one of those times that people with two macBooks get to justify why they have 2 macBooks; you can keep one at home for backup and for guinea pig purposes (ha ha)

There's already a 10.14.1 beta going around, maybe you can wait for the release: macrumors.com/2018/10/02/apple-see...


I had an oddly specific issue that my coworkers still claim is my hard drive crapping out and not Mohave's fault...

The post-update file restore got mucked up and corrupted some apps and permissions such that things like Dropbox and 1Password wouldn't run at all, Chrome lost extensions and couldn't install new ones, etc etc.

Disk Utility just kind of gave up on first aid for the drive, so I did a Time Machine backup and then immediately restored from it and that magically fixed everything. Time Machine restore wipes the drive and puts the backup on top of it, so the turn it off and on again approach fixed it.


must really be the HDD then. I said earlier I'd wait; but I probably just suck at the marshmallow test, I pulled the trigger last night. Everything went well, without a hitch. Thankfully


Enjoy your new, working OS :)

I'm going to stubbornly hold out on my drive since it's AppleCare just ran out, so it's in that weird middle of being too new to have easily fixed parts but not new enough to not pay an arm and a leg to fix it. I've had this wishlisted for a while, though...


Haven’t had any issues, upgraded two MacBook pros Touch Bar and an iMac


We're there other software that stopped working e.g. tmux, iTerm2, CleanMyMac, Afred, brew, nvm.


Brew works, iterm works, Alfred works

Others you mentioned I’m not sure

Have a look at this reddit thread of what works and what doesn’t:



Works very well. However, it overwritten my apache (httpd.conf) config, so remember to save it before if you use it.


It seems like they've gotten a little better about this, in most cases they at least make a copy of the provide config files so you can copy them back, but it's one of those things i forget about every update


Were you using the system Apache installation? That's probably why...


Yes, it's the system Apache by default. But it doesn't matter, i use apache one time per year. ;)



Check this out!
I was unable to use the latest gcc/clang installed through homebrew after the update.

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