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How I Built FreeCodeCamp - Technical Documentation Page (In a more interesting way) 😃


On a sunny weekend, I started another FreeCodeCamp Certification Project - Building Technical Documentation Page.


While I could I just create a very simple website to fulfill all the user stories. But I don't feel very good about that for the sake of just passing the tests, completed the project and grab the certification.

Bring the project extra mile

Susan Cain took 7 years to write her book - Quiet. Thus, I decided to take an extra effort to create a pretty real documentation website. Here's how the idea came, that I can re-create/revamp some of the API documentation sites that I always visit. I end up choosing the ExpressJS website.

The technology and libraries I used in this project:

Codepen link is embedded below and feedback are welcome.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day.

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Efereyan Karen Simisola

I'm currently on this project and I am so at loss with ideas

timmy_id profile image
Idowu Oluwatimilehin

Hi, have you been able to complete the project?

flavianaluc3 profile image
Joseph John • Edited

Did it just fail User Story #14? 🤔