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Zaki Juhari

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Day 01: Another Day 1.

Our lives are filled with plenty of familiar day ones, aren't they? On one hand, they remind us of our many failed attempts. The harsh truth that we lack the resolve and skill to follow through on our goals successfully. On another hand, it is a testimony of our resilience and hopefulness. Around ten years ago as the mobile platform rose in prominence, I found myself ogling at the evolution of typography and layout on mobile web. I followed along in the backseat as others had exciting discussions and shared and developed ideas that consequently shaped the standards that we have today. The problem; my voyeuristic viewings with nary a documented practice left no evidence of my passion for it.

Now in my thirties, I often times feel resigned - that it is too late to pursue a career in Interaction Design. Especially since I have neither working experience nor credentials. It has always been an intense tug of war between my anxiety, resentment and despair and my stubbornness and hopefulness. But here I am, unready to give in to the defeatist's voice in my head. Here, I am, willing to try yet again.

I'm still unsure how to go about documenting the journey. Beyond publishing a showcase portfolio, what exactly would I be doing here? Honestly, I'm not too sure yet but I am enjoying myself as I write this post. I'm not sure of how engaging the community is here either. I found myself here because the domain name, the logo and the aesthetic experience of the site appealed to me. I'm unapologetically shallow like that.

This might sound incredibly trivial and mundane, but my goal for day one is simply to spend sometime to write this out. And considering that I've posted this, I suppose I'm already winning. Hopefully by the next post, I would have looked at how others have documented their journey and find clarity to how I should go about with mine.

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