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Felix Terkhorn
Felix Terkhorn

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Redis Streams available in redis-rs

Woohoo! We now have high-level support for Streams commands in redis-rs:

This is the conclusion of work described in a previous post:

Hope someone out there finds it enjoyable! I have a couple of outstanding work items that I'm going to revisit now that there's a pleasant way to interact with this portion of the Redis API. 🦀 💾

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Abhishek Gupta

Thank you for sharing! I am looking forward to having the TLS support finalized as well :-)

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Felix Terkhorn

Yes!! I have been watching this PR but it's in a tough spot -- we're down to infrastructure problems, I think, with some stunnel process not starting up correctly during the Travis CI run. (I may not have the details exactly right!) So I'm a little worried that it might languish for a few months, since those problems aren't very fun to debug, even when we're being paid for them :-O :-D

But regardless of all of that, the TLS support is going to be a big win for the library -- it took a long time to land in Redis itself, and it's one of those basic expectations that people have for their networked appliances.