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How do you think about javascript framework (or library) scaling?

I'm Japanese developer.
In Japan, the popularity of Vue.js is increasing.

I have experience that created some web application with React in production environments (sometimes with Redux).

Recently, I used Vue.js too.

In I created application with Vue.js , thought of this in this time.

"Vue.js is not easy to create (and maintained) with many people or large scale code?"

I feel React has good as scalable and robustness.
Redux has some dull point (redundancy, boilerplate) but it's make even if anyone writes it will be a similar code.
In addition, React is so friendly to typed system (like flow or typescript).

Vue.js is very easy to setup, and it's provide some implement patterns, like $computed, $el, mixin, emit, Vue.use, directive, etc.
It's make flexibility, but it's enable to make confusable in the team if with a number of developer.
I feel that if we developed Vue.js with multiple people, we have to set many of the rules.

I don't know about Angular, but it's feel large scale is good but it's hard to small application.

How about do you think about javascript application scaling in production?
And if you can, tell me your generated production application scale (code size, number of developer, etc..).

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