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5 Skills You Need To Become A Developer

Before I got my start developing programs. I gained interest in development and quickly wondering what skills would be necessary to be successful. After experience I am able to provide the 5 most important skills needed to become a developer.

Problem solving

The number one skill to cultivate is problem solving. Development is filled with opportunities to solve real-world or business logic with programming tools like languages. This is the practice of recognizing all parts of a problem to develop a creative solution to apply the problem.

Logical thinking

Logical thinking is another important skill to develop. The development of computers and software operates are based in logic. Learning to think in these ways makes it much easier to reason about code and write great code.

Attention to detail

This is a skill that will be most valuable as your a developing code. This will key to understanding any mistakes or missing parts in programs. This is a skill that will be cultivated daily and a little of this skill goes a long ways.


Contrary to prior beliefs, Mostly all production code happens in a team environment, so it will be very valuable if you know how to work on a team. You can succeed by learning to share your progress, ideas and pair-programming with others.

Written and verbal communication

This a skill that is important provide effective communication to coworkers in both technical and non-technical roles. Demonstrating you can explain your ideas, plans, and progress to all stakeholders can be an indicator that your grow into decison-making roles.

Let's chat about skills

The great part is you may have developed these skills in other activities, passions, or careers and you can put them to use right away. If you enjoyed this post feel free to leave a comment about these skills and others that make a good developer.

Happy Coding,
Terry Threatt

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