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7 Reasons Why You Need To Learn Javascript

According to Wikipedia, there are at least 700 programming languages that exist. As developers, we know you have your fair share to pick when working on a particular project.

However, very few modern programming languages are as important in recent development as Javascript.

Here is a brief list of 7 reasons you need to learn Javascript:

  1. Javascript is Sticky

Today, Javascript is the primary leader in web development, So If you need to produce any client-side code. It won't be long before you run into a need for Javascript.

  1. Beginner Friendly

There is no real surprise that Javascript is a first choice language for many newbies after discovering the vast amounts of resources and content for new developers to get started programming.

  1. Full Stack

The Evolution of Javascript has provided a full stack path baked right into the language after the development of NodeJS. NodeJS is a Javascript runtime that empowers Javascript developers with a way of developing server-side code, outside of a browser with a language that you already know and have experience using.

  1. Popular

According to Stack Overflow, Javascript has reigned supreme as the most commonly used programming language for the 8th year in the row. This will probably be the case as the demand for more innovative user interfaces continues from consumers.

  1. Versatility

In addition to being a staple on the front end and back end of the stack with NodeJS. Javascript libraries and frameworks like React Native for mobile development and Electron for desktop have allowed Javascript to go cross-platform.

  1. Great Ecosystem and community

Javascript has a wonderful ecosystem of great developers producing tools and packages to make the developer experience awesome. The Javascript community is filled with lots of developers to connect with and share about the landscape of Javascript.

  1. Great Job Market

The demand for Javascript developers continues to be one of the highest of all languages with Javascript being a big part of many tech stacks for industry-leading employers.

Let's Chat About Javascript

I code primarily in Javascript for my projects because of the versatility and the Javascript ecosystem. If you enjoyed this post feel free to leave a comment about your thoughts and experiences with learning to write Javascript code.

Happy Coding,
Terry Threatt

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