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Discord is Becoming a Chore! How to categorize and organize all of your servers!

Discord is becoming more and more popular to be the #1 selected tool for building a community. I’ve been a Discord user since 2016 and still learning more and more about the most efficient ways to use Discord.

I ran into an issue where more and more people are sending their Discord server link. A community will have many chapters I want to be a part of, and then that’s another 5 servers to add. All of a sudden I have over 75 servers on my list. It becomes yet another “chore” and an overwhelming tool to use because it’s impossible to keep up with!

I’m writing this quick blog post to let you know there’s a very easy way to manage all of your Discord servers.

You can organize servers into folders, and color them

You can combine your entire server list into one server so you only have to check one server for important information

I’ll start out by creating a sample server and show you how to categorize your servers with subcategories.

Add Vue.js communit Server

Categorize your servers

You can nest your servers into folders and give it a name and color code.

In the video example below, I added 3 servers to my Discord: Vue Server, Seattle Vue.js, and TalkJS. I can either create a Vue.js category, dragging the discord servers together, or a JavaScript category and combine all 3 servers together, depending on how organized you'd like to get.

Combining all servers into YOUR server

First you will need to create a server where you will be the ONLY member in it, since you are combining your selected channels from all other discord servers into yours.

In this example, I'm creating a server called "Tessa's Combined Discord Stuff".

Create Personal Server

As you can see, if there's a picture of a horn next to the channel name, it means you are able to "follow" that channel and subscribe to the new messages into your personal server.

Pull the data that you want

In this video, I am pulling in announcements from seattle vue.js discord into my personal discord server into #general chat. Then I'm pulling the Media Devs Discord into the #mediadevs-announcements channel that i created in my own discord.

You can do this for ANY discord that has set their channel to "announcements" which gives the ability for users to "follow" it and add it to their personal discord.

The Catch

Most community organizers aren't aware of this feature as you have to go into the "Server Settings" and click on "Community" then enable "Community Mode". Then you can edit your channels and set it to "announcement" which gives it the "follow" option.

If there's a channel on a server you want to follow, reach out to the community organizer and ask them if they can make it an "announcement type" channel so people can follow it and add it to their personal server. :)

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Julian Dumitrascu

What other software do you like?
How do you feel about Guilded?

calisomething profile image

This is a great idea, with 30+ servers joined it was beginning to get out of hand, I'm going to work on it tomorrow