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Different Way’s to Implement Software Test Automation

Automation Testing is taking the most important part of the software development life cycle, especially in the quality assurance department. There are various steps involved in the product development process and automate software testing is one of the logical and smart steps of the software development process. As it saves lots of time and allows users to execute multiple tests at the same time.

As per the analysis of the top Web Test Automation Company in Dallas, USA. Various types of Test Automation needs to focus by Automation Tester.

Today, I am going to list out the different types of automation before that let’s have a look at what is Test Automation?

What is Test Automation?

Test Automation or Automation Testing is the type of software testing which are executed by different tools of automation testing. The main goal of Automation is the overcome the manual efforts and tests automatically by managing the test data, increased the product quality. By implementing a good automation testing strategy we can save money as well as time.

Types of Automation Testing

There are various types of testing which can be automated by web and mobile automation testing company.Here I am going to list out the few types to give you a good starting in the area of automation

  • Unit Testing
  • Smoke Testing
  • Functional Testing
  • Integration Testing
  • Regression Testing

Unit Testing:
Unit Testing is one of the most important types of software testing that can be automated, in which individual units or components of an application are tested. This type of testing executed by developers to validate each unit of the software code perform as per expectations

Smoke Testing:
Smoke Testing is executed to Test deployed build is stable or not. The main goal of smoke testing is to Test the working process of essential features.

Functional Testing:
Functional Testing is one of the most popular types of software testing, In which the software tester tests the application against the functional requirements/specifications. The main purpose of functional testing is the verify the application every functionality by giving the appropriate input.

Integration Testing:
Integration Testing is known as a type of testing in which software features or set of functionality are integrated logically and Test as a group. The main purposes of this testing to check application features working process when they are integrated

Regression Testing:
Regression Testing is implemented to check whether the application's working process has not been affected by the new change or code. Regression Testing is the Test where already executed test cases are used to test the same functionality to ensure the current functionalities work fine.


With the help of an effective Test Automation strategy, companies can both time and money. As per the study of Top QA and Software Testing Companies Automation Testing save up to 60% time in bug fixes. Test Automation is one of the most important aspects of testing because it helps us to improve the overall quality of the software application

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