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Is anyone still using Atom?

Travis Fantina
Love all things Ruby and Rubyish. Working mostly with Elixir.
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I've been using Atom since 2015, VS Code has some great features that I really dig, a more vibrant ecosystem and I think more up to date plugins but I personally can't stand the way the search results appear in a box on the left rather than getting full-screen results. Overall I just prefer the design of Atom, it looks a little sleeker (although performance-wise I think VS Code works a bit better sometimes).

Are there any Atom fans such as myself still out there?

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fleshmecha profile image

I like Atom and still use it. VS Code is ugly to me and I don't want to use something from Microsoft.

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Kalaiarasan Pushpanathan

So not going to use Github, NPM or anything else?

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True, it is unavoidable at this point. But I avoid it when I can.

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Boris Jamot ✊ /

Atom by Github, by Microsoft? ;)

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Atom is still the most beautiful editor. 😍
No matter how many VS Code Atom themes there will be, it will prolly never look as neat as Atom. Unfortunately we live in times, where functionality, features and productivity reign over appearance.. so I do use VS Code, tho my heart is still with Atom. 😢