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Useful resources i use on day to day basis.

When i work on a project i use several different resources that come in handy everyday. I picked them up from several other people who mentioned them on their resources list and just kept using the best ones. While surfing facebook i got in contact with some people who asked about some help on their design. I then proposed to them to use one of these resources that i will list here and they were totally blown away. Until now i had no idea that there were still people who had no idea that these extremely useful resources existed. That is why i decided to make a post of it. Here is the list:

Ui Gradients

Whenever i am looking for a beatiful gradient to overlay on an image or to put as a background Ui gradients is a no-brainer and my usual first place to go.

Alt text of image

Go to ui gradients


Small beatiful icons like facebook, and instagram can be found here. Why bother doing the tedious work of making an icon when you can have them easily free on flaticon? Just don't forget to reference the creator of the icon on your own website. This way both you and the creator wins!

Alt text of image

Go to ui flaticon


Dribble is a place where designers upload their creations and get feedback on them. It is also a place for developers and other designers to get inspiration from to create their own masterpieces!

Alt text of image

Go to dribbble


Pexels is the go to website if you need HD images to put either as a placeholders on your new websites or as real photos as pexels has a free to use policy for their images. It has thousands of beatiful images and i use them on most of my projects.

Alt text of image

Go to pexels

Google fonts

Thousands of beatiful open source fonts are found here and can be used for free ! Google fonts is fast and reliable.

Alt text of image

Go to pexels

More resources?

If you made it down here, thank you for reading through my resource list, i hope you create something amazing with these resources. If you have any other resource that you want to share with me or others please comment it down below!

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kate bal

Great and helpful content! Keep up the good work πŸ‘