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Ways to keep all your Github projects up and running!

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We upload our projects on GitHub repositories, Won't that be really cool if we can keep them live and running. For this, we generally host our application on Netlify or Heroku and other different platforms. But One of the most hassle-free and free options is "Github pages".

Github pages turns a repository into a working and live project via their username.github.io domain name.

So, you will be getting an instant cook and serve feeling,like when in interviews people ask, can you show any of your work? ;).That's it! You have a plethora of skills and masterpieces at the display to impress.
Let's learn this setup in few steps:

  1. Goto your Github repository's settings.

  2. Scroll down till you find below

  3. select the branch you want to deploy, you'll get a message.

  4. Just click the URL and find your stuff live!


Just few points to be noted.
if in case you are stuck with only 'read.md' file (happened with me once) visible in place of your actual application.

You can switch to the other branch or docs/ folder in the repository settings. With that, we can put the index.html/root under the docs/ folder.

It is happening because Github pages work the way it is supposed to do, it takes the "master" branch as base by default and expects your root/starting point like index.html to be present outside in GitHub tree with read.mds and stuff, if not found, it ll treat "read.md" as default for launching the application.

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Good article! Though it must be noted that username.github.io is a static hosting solution. It doesn't provide a backend to host dynamic code written in PHP, node.js, python, etc.

Having said that most typical content sites like personal blogs and wikis don't really need content dynamic content hosting, so this solution is still very useful.


Very useful solution for people who want to start web designing and practice it without spending much on domain name and hosting services

Very useful ❤️


$1 per month and you can have your own fully running website.... Too cheap for that you can keep the .github.io or the .netlify subdomains and its free.


These services are so great! It is easier than ever to get a website up and running with your own domain!

GitHub Actions and Netlify make it so easy to run a build step consistently on push.