Plz Help, 2 Repos inside each other to upload on Github

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There is a Chat App (Socketio/React/Node) that I'm trying to create. I want to upload it on github. The directory root has two separate folders - Client & Server, while I'm try to upload it, it is saying

"warning: adding embedded git repository: extractor/annotator-server
hint: You've added another git repository inside your current repository."

So, what I'm supposed to do? How to upload my project on github, when it has 2 repos inside?Any hints?


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You probably copied one of those folders into the chat app folder. It might have a .git file in it, that's why it says another repo inside ur current respository. The .git file is hidden, so u need to enable hidden files to be viewed, inorder to see it.


Open your client and server and delete the .git folder from both.

Go to your main folder with client and server.

Simply hit
Git init
Git add . && Git commit -m "Hii your issue is resolved"

git remote add origin 🙂

Git push🦄

Thank you🙂


You'll probably have to remove the git repo stuff for each inner folder, so they don't conflict with the parent one

$ cd server/
$ rm rf - .git/
$ cd ../client/
$ rm rf - .git/

Then you can follow @hemantjoshi's suggestion above to put both of them in a parent repo that includes then both


add them as git submodules


You can remove .git files from inner repo.