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Caden lets you take control of your data

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Caden is the newest idea from serial entrepreneur John Roa. His latest endeavor markets itself as the world's first Zero-Party Data Platform, providing an encrypted vault to Users to own their data, as well as tools for brands to interact with the data that a user consents to sharing.

The concept is very intriguing from both a User and a Brand perspective. Based on my experiences with an international B2B SaaS product, I believe we're nearing a paradigm shift with how data is handled, and Caden could very well be the tip of the spear that drives change. So far Caden's platform has not been released to the public, but you can sign-up for the wait list to be notified when you can participate.

I've known John Roa since our days as undergrads at Western Michigan University and have had the opportunity to watch him succeed as an entrepreneur. Prior to Caden, Roa founded the UX Studio Akta, which was later acquired by Salesforce. I'm very confident that Roa will find an audience and a market for this kind of platform. Check it out!

P.S. Caden is hiring! Take a look at the roles and apply if you meet the requirements!

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