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Ayja Weems
Ayja Weems

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Organizing Projects on Github

Hi guys!

I am in need of some advice 😃. I have not been in the habit of posting my personal projects to GitHub, but it's something that I am excited to start doing! I just don't know how to approach the organization of my projects. I have many Java projects that I would like to push, as well as some React projects. How do you recommend organizing your GitHub for different projects?

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José Luis Recio

1 project - 1 repository , the simply option

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Forest Hoffman

That's a good option. It may also depend on the complexity of each project, and if there is any overlap between them. If you have a package that is reused, it might be a good idea to have that in it's own repository.

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Ayja Weems

That sounds good to me, I'll start out with that. Thanks for the tip!