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How I Accidentally Became A Developer

I'm a data analytics professional whose worked on data science projects in my early career. I'm in my 20's, I have two master's degrees, and have skills in econometrics, statistics, mathematics, and domain knowledge of finance, economics, and global affairs.

When I learned about Python and "Data Science" as the "sexiest job" I was shocked that my rate of pay was SUBSTANTIALLY lower than what was being earned by individuals in data science jobs. It sounded so much like they were doing what I was fully qualified to do... but didn't have the same experience.

So I took to changing that. My idea was to journey through learning the essential tools and technologies and fill the gap between my current situation and the dream data science role I wanted.

By creating a website I hoped to chronicle my journey and share resources in analytics - as I do come with quite considerable experience.

But I'm someone who does enjoy technical work and so when I tried to build a website I started with WIX and hated that I didn't have an control of the actual site. When I moved to Wordpress, I immediately became frustrated and and insecure that suddenly I knew NOTHING.

For multiple months I stagnated in web development. In months 4 + 5 I was crying over my HTML, CSS and PHP code. In month 6 ... I am now getting hired to build custom websites, e-commerce sites, and service clients with complete packages with SEO, analytics, marketing, branding, copy writing and content writing, API integrations, the full set up!

By sticking it through in those extremely tough times, and accepting that my initial progress in the beginning was slow - if not glacial - and certainly by making MANY rookie errors, I persevered to be able to competently generate RESULTS and VALUE for others.

And guess what?! This is just a HOBBY! I still aim to work in data science and machine learning. But my new found exposure to digital marketing, marketing more generally, and business acumen (because there always must be a purpose behind a website - something I wasn't exposed to in my previous work experience which was much more academic - I have launched myself into a whole new world of experience and skills.

Now I'm taking an online advanced web development bootcamp on Udemy ($30 my price) and hope to learn React, D3, java script, and more functionalities.

I can't stress enough that this is just a FUN PROJECT for me - that pays extremely well. I can only imagine how far I can take this.

I am also translating old businesses and converting them into my own e-commerce opportunities. And the coolest thing, is I don't pay a DIME for this. I do it entirely with my own skill!

This has been the most wonderful and rewarding experience. I wanted to share.

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Katie Nelson

That sounds really awesome! It gives me hope that learning this stuff might lead to a future for me too.