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Why QA is so important in your development process?

thebugcatcher profile image Carmen Amengual ・2 min read

This shouldn't be a question, and probably everyone in the software world should know the answer, but (there's always a but) not everyone does.

In this article, I will mention why I consider that a QA team is important in any software company.

1. "One test a day keeps the bugs away"

Yes, as you read it, I have used the phrase of the apple, but because it is 100% applicable to what I want to say.
A test in time prevents a disaster in the future, perhaps not all software companies have a QA team because they start from the logic that, "why are we going to pay a person to verify that things work if we have developers that they can test what they do? ", and the truth is that the developers are not able to judge the masterpiece that maybe took days to make, they need an extra pair of eyes to help them see that their masterpiece is not yet ready to be exhibited, and don't get me wrong, our job is precisely to help developers to make their work perfect and also for the user to have a nice experience in mobile apps or web apps.

2. It is better to have a QA team and not need it than need it and not have it

It sounds like a slogan for an insurance company, but it is a fact, having a quality team guarantees that your products or features, come out ready to use and you may not need them in some moments, but it is always better to know that a group of people is there for taking a look at the app before you decide to put anything into production.

3. We test because we care

I do not know of any quality course or workshop that does not mention how important it is to think like a user, because our main objective will always be the user, and that the company does not have great losses due to errors that could be prevented in time. so yes we test because we care.

4. The test is the key for a better release

Just as companies that make skincare products do many tests before saying that a product is ready to go on the market, we also do many tests before saying yes to a release, precisely because we worry about everything coming out, we do a series of tests to check that everything is ready for the release works as expected and that there are no surprises later that can cost millions.

Well, I think I have made my points clear, and I hope nothing escapes me because if so, that would speak very badly of me as a tester.

Remember " QA´s are friends not enemies".

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Paula Santamaría • Edited

I love this! Good synergy between the development team and QA team definitely helps when it comes to creating a high-quality product 👌👌

ibigorra profile image
Ivan Bigorra

Excellent article! Nice work Carmen :)

mandeepkaur profile image

Awesome Carmen.!!

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