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Year in Review, 2019

As the curtain draws on 2019, here’s my year in numbers:

  • 70 blog posts
  • 1,500,000 views across all my posts
  • 1,300 new subscribers to my newsletter
  • 2,200 new students to my video courses
  • 31 conference talks in 17 cities
  • 6 podcast appearances
  • 4 webinars
  • 4 chalk talks @ re:invent
  • 10 apps published to the Serverless Application Repository
  • 1830 contributions to 17 OSS projects
  • helped 23 clients in 11 cities

New career, new country

The biggest changes for me this year is that I left full-time employment behind and started a new career as an independent. I have been very fortunate to have worked with many smart people as an independent consultant thus far. My clientele includes both stealth-mode startups and large enterprises, and spans across many industries and geolocations. It’s been a blast, and I have learnt so much in the process.

If you are looking for help with your serverless project, please check out my consulting services and get in touch.

I would also like to thank my friends at Lumigo, whom I’m also working with as a Developer Advocate. They have empowered me to help the serverless community in so many ways. Together we have published tons of content, but also many tools and open source projects such as the lumigo-cli and SAR apps to help you manage your AWS environment – lambda-janitor, async-custom-metrics, auto-subscribe-log-group-to-arn and many more.

Click here to see all my open source projects.

On a more personal front, I have also relocated to Amsterdam! It’s a lovely city and very easy to commute everywhere (especially if you get a bike). I still travel to London on a regular basis for work, and thankfully the Schiphol airport is one of the best and most efficient airports in the world! Happy to share some of my experience with life in Amsterdam if any of you are considering moving here. It’s a great place to live.

New video course

I published a new video course this year – Complete guide to AWS Step Functions. If you want to learn about orchestrating workflows using serverless technologies then check it out. I have recently updated the course to include all the latest features from re:invent 2019 and the course is on half-price sale.

p.s. big thanks to the one and only Jeff Barr for giving it a shout out!

Goodbye ads and hello Patreon

As for this blog, I have been able to do away with ads thanks to my Patreon supporters:

Andre Silva, Boseok In, Dome Jantaphat, Ebru Cucen, Hrafnkell Palsson, Joe Kearney, Jon Barber, Jonathan Kosgei, Luis Gutierrez, Marko @ Serverless Life, Sal DiStefano, Shawn MacIntyre, Will Saunders, Yinan Xue

If you have enjoyed my posts over the years, I would really appreciate your support. In return, all my patrons would get free access to my Step Functions course (above). And higher tier supporters can also get access to my private Slack channel and monthly 1-2-1 mentoring sessions.

See you in 2020

I’m speaking at a few events around Europe in January and February, hope to see you there!

That’s it from me. Wish you all a happy new year and a successful 2020!

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Hi, my name is Yan Cui. I’m an AWS Serverless Hero and the author of Production-Ready Serverless. I specialise in rapidly transitioning teams to serverless and building production-ready services on AWS.

Are you struggling with serverless or need guidance on best practices? Do you want someone to review your architecture and help you avoid costly mistakes down the line? Whatever the case, I’m here to help.

You can contact me via Email, Twitter and LinkedIn.

See my consulting services.

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Davide de Paolis


do you even sleep?!?
kudos. awesome stuff. i´d really like to thank you because since the beginning of my journey with aws 18 months ago, you´ve been the main blogging references.

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Yan Cui

Thank you, glad I was able to help! I don't have a full time job these days, so it does leave me with more time to do other things, like writing and open source work :-)

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Jess Lee

1830 contributions to 17 OSS projects