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DSA #2

Hi, Guys ...
Let me tell u what I did today towards my goal
if u don't my goal then check this out:

NOTE: if u want to learn what I am learning I will provide the resource that u can also learn from and continue!!

1.Learned about Array Concepts in Detailed with complex problems


what I learned:
*Stock buy and sell the problem

*Trapping rainwater
*Maximum consecutive 1s
*largest even Odd Subarray
*Maximum circular sum subarray
*Majority element
*sliding window
*prefix sum technique

These questions mention above solved from naive to the optimized way
you can search in GFG for problems and solutions also.

link for SDE Sheet:
And For SDE sheet Part:

1.find the Majority element (n/2) that appears in the array
2.find the Majority element (n/3) that appears in the array

See you tomorrow in post guysβœŒπŸ‘πŸ˜Ž!!!

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Mayank Sharma

hey brother how mucha are you able to complete till now by your plan , i have a similar plan excluding cp and doing web dev alongside