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My Power Pack Goal for the next 7.5 months (roadmap😎👍)

4 Months(DSA) + 3.5 Months(Competitive Programming)

DSA(4 months):
For the first 3 months, I learn DSA from GFG DSA paid Course by Sandeep Jain.

Striver's SDE Sheet(180 questions) link:

I will do 2 Problems a day for 90 days from FEB 15/2021

Note: if u are following this roadmap then take the concept from the above 180 questions

Tip for Students like me in time management:
In normal days do in (5.00 AM -> 8.30 AM) and (7 PM -> 10.30 PM)

For the next 1 Month, I will do Love Babbar Cracker Sheet(450 questions)

link for Love Babbar 450 sheet:

I'm Going to do 14 questions a day for 30 days

CP(3.5 months):

love babbar Cp roadmap:

I am going to follow this roadmap for Cp

And while learning Algorithms for Cp I will practice in TUF CP LIST

TUF striver Cp list:

Tip: In this stage, I will read 1 interview experience in GFG a day daily to refresh DSA and do Leetcode random problems

That's it guys for the goal for the next 7.5 months. if u want to follow Me and my roadmap.. Like it and Let's do it together
I will Upload Post daily which describes what I learned that day
so u can also see my progress and for my consistency!!

Hope u like it and Peace✌✌✌

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