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Edpresso spotlight: Abel LIFAEFI MBULA

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"I consume from the web, but I also contribute to it."

Abel LIFAEFI MBULA is the author of Learn Git and GitHub in 5 minutes, the shot that received the most views of any community-contributed shot in July 2020. He has been a part of the Edpresso community for 2 months.

Abel started coding in 2016 because he wanted to learn more about computers. When he was in grade 10, he could already use a computer in a professional way​ but was interested in being able to do more advanced configurations.

"But that was not enough for me, I started to look for new challenges like how to use my mathematical knowledge in computing and how to create useful things that people can also use int their computers."

Now, Abel does freelance and contract work to help people ship quality software.

Abel loves being a part of the online tech community and is always honored when the content he writes is able to add value; but, he does acknowledge that blogging is not as easy as it may seem, especially when it comes to writing good content on a regular basis. However, he finds great joy in making technical jargon and ideas easy to understand.

Stay tuned for more content on Node.js and web security!

Connect with Abel on LinkedIn, follow him on Twitter, or visit his personal website.

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