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So my site is and the https version, which doesn't update as regularly as the http one, is . But anyways, I would like my website more graphical but I don't know where to start. Could someone help me or even possibly do it for me. Thank you.

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You may want to consider styling around an existing framework, something like Flat-UI, Bulma, Ink, or Bootstrap.

There are also a large number of complete designs at sites like Open Source Web Design that are free to use.

I also highly recommend reading Typography for Lawyers, in particular the section on layouts. In large part, documents (which includes websites) look "good" because they follow various design conventions that have been with us for a long time, and I would argue that good design work (at least up to a point) is about learning and applying the "rules," and developing an eye for them, which I think most people can do if they give it enough effort.

As long as you do the work yourself, it's a great learning experience (both on the design side and the CSS/implementation side), regardless of which route you take or even how it turns out in the end. Try to view it as a journey -- having a nicer looking website is unlikely to change your life, but the skills you'll develop in the attempt just might.

Good luck!


Hey man, I think the best thing for you to do is to start looking at other websites or website concept sites like Dribble to figure out how they make their websites look better.

Once you know a style you want to pursue, you will need to teach yourself how to do it, which is most of the fun. I don't think you should have anyone else do this, otherwise you won't learn.


Since you are a developer, you will definitely want to do the work yourself. A personal website is considered an extension of your resume or portfolio, so having someone else build it is pretty widely frowned upon. (You can, of course, use frameworks or website builders, but you still do the work of building the site yourself.)

I definitely agree with the other comments to look at other sites and gain inspiration. Figure out what you want, and then research how to accomplish it.

However, you shouldn't think you need to go and build a super-polished, flashy site, especially on the first go. Simplicity is a major component of good design. My own website is built with pure HTML5 and CSS, and the simple "retro" look was a deliberate choice on my part, to reflect my love of old technology. You can see the code on the GitHub repository for my site.

...and then there's the website of our own beloved @ben're just going to have to see it for yourself. It's a creation ahead of its time.


If you need free and nice illustrations, you can use It's very nice.

Your website already has some styles, so I assume you know the basics of CSS. In case you don't you can easily teach yourself by following a guide like:

You can practice your css/html/javascript skills by using a tool like It will save you some time :)

And I also agree with ronsoak, you can get inspired by other websites :) Good luck

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