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Joining the mentorship movement, getting started repo, and poll.

Not too long ago @molly_struve posted yes you should be a mentor, and it immediately sparked an idea. I have mentored some of my colleagues along the way for years, but nothing really formal. Also another good read from @flippedcoding how to be a good software engineer mentor

I signed up at I'll be honest I have much to learn about how to be a mentor, but in the mean time I created a repo fab-mentorship where any developer can contribute to the repo with the means of having useful information you would have love to have when you started. Could also improve your late hacktoberfest stats if you haven't finished :)

All contributions are welcome, and the structure is open for discussion but below is what I have so far. I'll admit I have a bit of OCD when it comes to tree structures.

join us discord server

│   └───Coding-Coach  
│   ├───Algorithms    
│   ├───Basics        
│   └───Patterns      
│   ├───Java          
│   └───Python        
│   └───Google-Fu     
│   └───Side-Projects 
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I would also love some help deciding which might be the better programming language for beginners by voting in this poll. I am leaning towards python but maybe other people have better ideas.

programming language poll

If you have a cool story and want to remain anonymous you can email it to me directly. Let's create something awesome together!

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