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A Productive Distraction

Hey everyone! First time posting and I’m sure some of y’all might be interested in a project I’m starting up. Let’s get right to it!

So here’s a series of facts:

  • I start projects like nobody’s business.
  • The coronavirus has many of us stuck at home with nothing to do.
  • We have no idea how long we’ll have nothing to do.

Here’s what I propose: let’s work together to make a video game. Pull in all your artist, musician, and writer friends to help out. Open source the whole process so that everyone everywhere can jump in, help out, and maybe learn a thing or two. In the end we can either release it for free or maybe figure out how to use it raise money for PPE or something else to help fight COVID-19.

You can find the project here. Any amount or type of help will be appreciated!

I’ve already posted a very rough set of ideas that came to me recently. I’m definitely not experienced at writing and I’m not super attached to any of it so feel free to make any suggestions you want, change it, or tell me to scrap the whole thing and start again. As long as we’re working together to make something, then we’re doing something right!

Also! I have a full time job and a toddler to worry about so if anyone wants to help maintaining the project, it would be greatly appreciated! If there’s anyone who actually works in the game development business, I’d love to get your input or help!

As with everything in this project, I'm open to suggestions and discussion. At the moment, I'm planning on trying to use GitKraken to manage it (never used it before, but it looks useful) and Phaser as the engine.

Thoughts? Ideas? Am I dumb? Whatever! Let me know!

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