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Florence O.
Florence O.

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Hey Student Techies! How do you cope with school and work ?

When I decided to explore technical writing, I remember saying to a friend that I would love to be consistent with it and try to publish an article once a week, well that consistency ended in week two lool. So I usually drop an article every Sunday and for the third week, I had written out my topic since Saturday(a day before), I knew what I wanted to write about, I did my research and was still on it when I got overwhelmed with school work.

At that time, I was running a 6 weeks compulsory training program, it was 3 units course so you know I had to give it my all. Fast forward to Sunday(March 14th), I totally forgot about my article and didn’t remember until few days later lmao, funny story ? I picked it up on Wednesday and forgot to finish it again 😂. To be honest, at some point I got scared of writing an article that wouldn’t bang like the first two(My wine glass article and My SheCoded IWD article) but that isn’t even the case here anymore, I still very much want to keep writing technical articles.

Right now, I really wonder how other students like me cope with school, work, side projects, and personal lives. It can seem like a lot to handle and overwhelming sometimes(actually all the time to be fair) because you worry about a lot of things haha. I mean, I try to deliver the best on projects while also keeping school in mind so that’s a lot to worry about.

I decided to pick it up this night(it’s 11:52 in my time zone) but with a different topic, I just want to know how students in tech juggle school and work. A new week is starting tomorrow, I have series of tests coming up and about 3 pending projects to complete before the end of the month. What are your coping mechanisms? How do you set up a structure ? How do you stick to the structure ? How do you ensure neither suffers? Is it supposed to be this hard ?! Send help please ❤️


Ps: I don’t joke with taking breaks, I know the body can only take a lot so I rest when I’m tired from doing both. The issue now is how do I stop feeling guilty from take a break to watch Netflix ? 😂

Ah yes, that article I haven’t finished in weeks is still in the drafts. I’ll definitely finish it up and share with you guys soon!

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Leonard Morrison

I look up what's on Twitter, play video games on my Switch, and watch some shows like It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Silicon Valley, among others. I also study different things related to Software Development outside of what I'm being taught in class.

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Florence O.

This is nice!!! Oh yes, twitter is my go to to unwind and to check what’s new but it can be pretty addicting 😂. I also like to watch movies but I think it’s a lil overwhelming right now because of my back to back tests in school lately so no learning new technologies for me at the moment 😢