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Windows 95 Web UI Kit

Github Repo:

Relive the awesome 90's design trends by using our Windows 95 UI Kit. It features over 50 unique Bootstrap 4 Components including the infamous Windows 95 icons.

We've carefully recreated the windows cards and all components have their versions in the three basic colors: grey, teal and blue.

List of components:

  • Default Buttons
  • Bordered Buttons
  • Buttons Color Variations
  • Form Controls
  • Windows 95 Checkboxes
  • Windows 95 Radio Buttons
  • Original Windows Cards with variable colors
  • Windows 95 bar as a Bootstrap 4 Navbar
  • Nav Tabs
  • Basic Typography

We also offer a full documentation with available code snippets. We used NPM to manage our dependencies and jQuery for a little bit of magic.

The project is very easy to set up, all you need to do is download the zip and open the index.html page from your folder.

If you like this UI Kit make sure to check out our other free and premium products on!

Github Repo:

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