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[Post 1]LINQ -Enumerable

[Post 1]LINQ -Enumerable

Enumerable is a data structures that can be iterated, counted or enumerated. Array, List, Dictionary are some data structures that are Enumerable.

In perspective of C# any Object that implements “*IEnumerable” *interface is an Enumerable. Array, List, Dictionary are some of the data structures that implement IEnumerable.

Every IEnumerable can support the use of “foreach()” *method for iterating the collection. [This post limits itself to the concept of IEnumerable and does not divulge into “*IEnumerable”.]


IEnumerable is part of “System.Collections” *namespace. IEnumearble contains only a single method *“GetEnumerator()” *which returns an “*IEnumerator”.[A seperate post is being written on “IEnumerator” *which would be published shortly.]

A series of posts would follow this that talk about *“IEnumerator” , “Iterator Pattern” *and *“LINQ”.

The posts are written small intentionally. The purpose of these posts is to provide information in nuggets for faster assimilation, keeping it short and simple.


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