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A TOP Strategy Guide

Becoming a TOP Success Story

The Odin Project is known to be very intense, but also has a track record of helping learners find consistent success. Its intensity is the “secret sauce” that helps people become strong developers. TOP is not easy, and for good reason. It strives to help learners get exposure to all the necessary skills to become a successful developer. The specific technical skills (i.e. hard skills) that you need to pick up are obvious, but it can be easy to overlook or neglect the equally important "soft skills" like mindset and communication. This guide will explain some strategies that have been employed to great effect by successful TOP learners. These strategies will help you develop both hard and soft skills.

With this first section, we'll be covering mindset.

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Ubong Udotai

This is so helpful... I have seen all the reasons I have been struggling with completing TOP. Now I am starting all over and trying to study through everyone... that's how I found this article in the first place! And its so helpful.

datavxn profile image

GREAT tips, thank u! Wish I would have read this before my first project lol