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dev.to staff on September 05, 2017

Hey there! Welcome to dev.to! These welcome threads just keep going! And that's cause there's just more and more of you! Please introduce you... [Read Full]
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Hello there everyone! I am a developer from São José do Rio Preto, Brazil. I currently work as the lead developer in a marketing agency. Since we are a small business, I act as a do-it-all full stack dev: some minor designing, developing, deploying, reporting and even giving some support, but I sure am happy! The techs I use for now are mostly Laravel, sass and webpack. Came to know this community a few days ago and I already enjoy it a lot. Nice to meet you folks!!


Hi, my name is Iren, and I'm a technical writer at Syndicode. I do write and read about everything happening around IT and digital. I'm addicted to news. And can do nothing with it.
I'm glad to join you community with the 1st entry article: IT education in Ukraine which is special by reflecting what is happening with education in my country.
In the near future, I decided to learn JavaScript, because I think that it's quite powerful. But still not sure if I can manage it. Will see.
For now, I mostly write about RoR, different js frameworks, useful hacks for programmers (despite I'm not a coder yet, I know where to find them) and trends in IT and development. Also I'm interested UX and UI design.


Hello, Lemayian is my name. I'm a Software Developer at Andela. I'm interested in Machine Learning and I love UI/UX designing. Having less than one year of working experience, I do not have much to say.

I'm yet to write any interesting articles but I'm glad to join this awesome community!


Awesome, I have a friend who works at Andela. Cool to see an Andela engineer here :)


Hello all, my name is Francis Sunday and I've been a Software Developer since 2014. I'm Nigerian.
I am mostly interested in software engineering with specializations in Front-end and Back-end technologies.

I write technical articles here and also on my Blog. I work remotely with some cool agencies and startups around the globe.

I also help out other Techies and newbies on various Developer forums and meetups. I'm an Expert Mentor at Codementor.io a market place for 1:1 technical assistance.

That's a bit about me


Hi Francis, good to meet you. I'm from Nigeria too and I'm a freshman computer science major.


Can you please tell me what this place is about ?

It's an online community for programmers. Members can share their knowledge with others through posts and commenting on other users posts.


Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet ... .

I live in Seattle and work for the security of my family and the enjoyment of life.

I like ruby and golang best. I am getting over my first (negative) impression of python.

I spend a lot of time in zsh and atom automating IaC in AWS with packer, terraform, GoCD, and a cornucopia of other tools.

I am learning ansible and kubernetes.

I love the outdoors and can be found many weekends of summer in the North Cascades.

Let's get coffee or drinks and explore what we should collaborate on.


As a beginner I believe getting your hands dirty with projects alongside experienced persons willing to mentor you is the best way to get better, I'm open to collaborations


I work in Seattle too. Currently a full stack developer at consultant company. Trying to learn and put into practice as much as I can.


Hello all, my name is Antero Kärki and I've been a software developer since 2012. I live in Sweden.

Been working web so mostly PHP and JavaScript for me but looking to replace the former with... anything really. I like Ruby, most functional languages like Elixir, Clojure, Haskell, Erlang, am looking at Elm and liking it so far and will probably do some Rust and Go in the future as well.

I try to get out, meetups and stuff. Tech meetups, writer's meetups. I like cooking and mixing cocktails.

That's a bit about me


Hi, my name is Martin and I am 3rd year computing student. I know few languages like js, java, php, sql and currently I am starting c++. I love to work with people on bigger projects, hopefully I can contribute to this community 😊


Welcome :) Would love to read a post about what you're learning in school and if it's helping you with your projects.


Hello everyone! My name is Alex Miranda and I have been a Software Engineer for the past three years. I specialize in web technologies but I am also pursuing a second Bachelors in Computer Science at Oregon State University so I can diversify my technical competencies. I plan to revive my portfolio site as a static site hosted on AWS s3 so stay tuned! I joined this community so I can improve my technical abilities and to meet people doing cool things in the hopes I can find my next professional opportunity!


Hi everyone, my name is Daniel. I'm a computer science freshman/sophomore. I'm super interested in Android development.

I've been in tech for a while but I've mostly had tech support jobs. I'm a big fan of tech as a whole, so I try to get rid of biases for/against different companies. If it's tech and innovative, then I love it.

Technology has helped me connect with and remain connected with most of my friends.


Hello World!

I'm Diomari Madulara a software developer based in Davao, PH. I'm interested on UX and frontend development. Right now I'm expanding my knowledge in javascript as well as learning how to properly design products that can be used by the majority.

I hope by joining this community I can learn more and become a better designer and developer. I'm also willing to give back and contribute in any way I can. Please feel free to contact me my personal site


Hi everyone, my name is Wagner Silva and I've been a software developer and Bachelor of Information Systems with 10 years experience as a software developer, I live in Brazil.
I have interest in every ecosystem, backend and devops.

That's a bit about me


Hello, hello everyone! Hope you're enjoying the platform and community so far. We've all got something to share, and this is the place where people want to hear!

Technology has really helped me hear everyone's stories, in ways that I definitely couldn't have. Whether it's reading a fiction book my e-reader or learning about the Chinese in the Mississippi Delta, I've learned so much about people that I probably would never have the chance to meet.


Hello family
I'm a Liberian I love programming languages
I feel at home with dev.i feel like home staying and knowing more people who can help me learn more about programming I love it that's my life.


Met two friends one from Denmark and one from Norway because of technology. Not possible without the PS3 and Call of Duty :P


Hello, I'm Ash. I blog a bit and tweet occasionally. I mainly work on microservices in the cloud.


Hi Everyone :),

My name is Ryhila Ebrahim,from South Africa and I am a Software developer. I have been developing Software professionally for over a year although I have four years of experience prior to this, developing Software for educational purposes along with a personal need to better my skills. Over the years, I grew fond of solving problems and seeing the Software I developed being used in every day life. My drive comes from knowing that I can make a change in peoples lives.

I currently develop Web and Mobile Applications using Test Driven Development(TDD).



Bonjour, comment ça va?

¿ Todo bien ?

My name is Jonathan (Hebrew: יונתן) and I'm in love with Languages. Both Programming Languages as well as regular languages.


And, replying to the random question "How has technology changed how you connect with others?":

First and foremost it allowed me to connect to people I wouldn't possibly meet or interact with. And I believe this is a very positive outcome of Social Networks.

Many interesting people I met on Twitter, Linkedin or what have you, I have only met because of the very existence of those social networks. And I'm grateful for that.

As an expat (I'm from Brazil, currently living in Israel), I also learned to appreciate the easiness and immediacy that we're allowed to communicate and keep in touch with friends, family and loved ones.

I was born in a time where we had to use letters and hardwired phones... so I remember how hard it used to be. It wouldn't be anywhere as easy to leave a country for a new one 20 or 30+ years ago. I also learned to admire those who did it back then... can we imagine 100, 200 years ago?



My name is Deepali Mehta, working as writer and editor.

I completely relish writing on various development related affairs, technology trends, management, and much more buzzing things in the IT industry. Her idea of writing is to spread derived knowledge of the latest technologies amongst techgeeks and techlearners.


Hi all!

I'm not a software developer, but I sometimes play one on TV. :D

What I do is document and showcase APIs. I've just started my fourth job doing this sort of thing and I love it. I've lately started a blog about technical writing and product management and marketing and APIs and the intersection of the things.

I'm pretty codey, as far as non-engineers go, but I'm definitely not an engineer. I do like engineers a lot though :D

I'm from, live, and work in the DC metro area. I've lurked here for a while and finally decided to raise my hand and say hi.



Hey there,
This is Maedah Batool. I'm a WordPress Core Contributor, Journalist and a Developer, who reviews products, provides WordPress support and handles technical documentation.

Currently, I'm working as the Creative Director at WPTie/FinkTanks, and I also write on the WPCouple.com along with my husband, Ahmad Awais (who's a regular core contributor for WP). I have been working with WordPress for more than seven years now. I have written both in-depth tutorials and general articles for beginners and advanced developers.

I've been running a startup named FinkTanks since 2013 through which we teach blogging with WordPress along with the basics of design and code. It's been almost eight years since I've been writing. I started off with contributing at sites like Freakify, ProPakistani, and later partnered with Ahmad Awais (we got married last December :)).

Recently, I've been writing on Envato Tuts+, Creative Market and SitePoint. I co-authored a white paper with WPEngine last year and had reviewed the first book on WordPress REST API with PACKT Publishing. I managed and wrote content for the official blog of InspiryThemes and WPCouple.com. I have shared my life's story as an essay at HeroPress (heropress.com/essays/making-wordpr...).


Awesome to have two WordPress core contributors! Congratulations on your marriage :)


Hello, my name is Josef Pospíšil and I started programming in 1986 on Atari 800XL. From the late 90s, I am hacking the web with (in almost this order) PHP, Java, Ruby (I was first Rubyist in the Czech Republic and maybe central Europe) and some more a little. For more than two years I am in love with ClojureScript on the front-end and through this experience, I somewhat forgave JavaScript on the back-end.

I own my second company, which I am just restarting after a dormant phase. I do it with loosely coupled micro services and a lot of fun.



How is it going? Hope you all do well.

Just a brief bio:

My name is Andrei (if you're curious, how to pronounce my name, so it will be like [A:ndrei] with a stress on the first letter 'A'). I'm from Minsk, Belarus. Currently, I'm in Toronto, Canada. I study at Humber College. My major is Web Development. I was always fond of creating websites and playing with Wordpress themes/plugins. That's why I decided to take this course and to become a professional web developer.

I have some designing skills, editing images in Photoshop, making layouts in InDesign or creating vector graphics in Illustrator.

I have basic knowledge of MySQL, php, html, css, javascript, ASP.NET, c#, internet protocols, DNS, phpmyadmin.

I'd like to take advantage of being a part of this community and to contribute to its overall success.

God bless you!


Hi, my name is Chris and I work as an iOS developer at DayDayCook(日日煮) in Shanghai. I've been doing iOS development for about three years and also have dabbled in javascript, Node.js, Python, and Go. I'm currently focused on improving my understanding and capabilities with machine learning and better understanding graphics and image processing on Apple devices. I'm also interested in working more with Natural Language Processing, server side Swift, and ARKit.


Hello, my name is Frencius and I am a frontend developer of a ecommerce startup in Indonesia.. I just started learning Javascript and I begin to love it. I'm using Jquery in developing frontend website. In short time, I will learn vue.js + webpack + saas to enhance our frontend website as well as to increase my ability in developing frontend website.


Hi, Gagandeep Singh here , I am android developer since 2013, before that I have some experience in J2EE. I love java , wish to contribute on github more someday.

I love listening to tech podcasts and also try to stay updated with latest and greatest tech in my domain.

Recently I have started learning kotlin and started admiring it , but for me java is first love.

I chose to develop in android because I believe in community driven approach.

I love to read/practice about designing/architecture aspect of any code than UI.


Hey everyone, my name is Johnathon...I've been teaching myself web development over the last 2 ears and recently graduated from General Assembly here in Santa Monica, CA.

I think of myself as a back-end dev with front-end aspirations but really I'm just here to soak up the collective knowledge. Thanks for having me.


Hello world!

I am a software developer based in NYC using Rails, PostgreSQL, JavaScript, and React with Redux. I'm in the process of picking up more Node.js frameworks and even learning Python.

I recently pivoted from a career in sales and project management. I look forward to immerse myself in code and more tech.


Hello, World!

I am a software developer mostly working on building products on PHP, Angular for the past 5 years.

Currently trying to learn and master my skills on React Native & React.

My Current TechStack:

  • Zend Framework
  • Angular 1.x / Javascript
  • AWS / Beanstalkd / Ansible

Excited to join the community.


Hi. My name is Kweku and I work as a backend developer as my day job and mobile apps as freelance. I mostly work on USSD flow APIs at my work. I am a Chemical Engineering grad but I always had love for programming so I just switched right after school and it was the best decision ever. I’m from Ghana.


Hello. My name is Scott and I am a Senior Software Engineer at Blackboard. I am responsible for our Developer Community, so I spend a lot of time planning and executing Developer Conferences, writing sample code and documentation, and mostly just getting my nerd on!

I enjoy polyglot programming, which writing sample code for REST APIs makes very easy. I enjoy the MEAN stack and Python the most these days, but I've yet to find a language I can't have fun with. I cut my teeth developing C on unix (yes, I'm that old, I didn't just spell Linux wrong haha) for 12 years before joining Blackboard.

I am currently learning the intricacies of the IMS Global Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI) specification. I've "implemented" it several times using libraries, but I'm spending some quality time with the spec to implement it from scratch to wrap my head around it.

Favorite side project was the migration of a Blackboard Building Block (aka a Tomcat Webapp) to an LTI application using REST APIs using the MEAN stack. It was a fun project and I enjoyed teaching myself Angularjs as I went along.

Lastly, technology as changed the way I connect with others by forcing me to have 6 communication apps open at all times, eating up all of my computer resources, making me really grumpy when I talk to people. Ok, just kidding about that last bit... or am I?


Hi, my name is Alex Jean-Baptiste and I'm currently a teaching assistant at Wyncode Academy in Miami, FL! I'm a fan of the Ruby programming language which I use for web development with Ruby on Rails. I'm interested in learning C# in order to use Unity to get some 3D animation ideas I have in my head out into the world.

Technology has allowed me to reach people from different nations, social situations, and interests all with the click of a button. It has allowed me to do a deep dive on my interest in Hip-Hop and allowed me to connect with others who share the same passion.


Hi Everyone!

Been reading articles on here for a while and finally signed up for an account today!

I'm a recent grad and I'm working as a Mac Developer in Atlanta, Georgia and I've been developing iOS apps for a few years.

Thanks for having me!


Hey everyone out there!

Nice to meet you :) My name is Marco and I am an Application (especially Rust) and Web Engineer. In addition to that, I engage myself in mentoring and the spread of Enterprise2.0! I work in the web and eCommerce consulting department of Bosch CI (Corporate Sector Information Systems & Services) in Stuttgart, Germany.

I studied B.Eng. Engineering Informatics, which means that I can do technical engineering, software engineering and anything in between. Currently, I am adding the M.Sc. Applied IT Security to my portfolio, so that the world will become a safer place for your data!

I have two major hobby projects: The first is an application host, which focuses on building a good foundation for web applications - stuff like automated security and performance optimization. You write the application, SHPS (that's what it's called) does the rest for you! If you like the idea, give it a try, open issues and maybe even help me implement all the missing stuff (I really need a helping hand!). The second project is a MMORPG game with many ideas which have never been implemented in a game before. For now, it uses very young tech only (Rust, Amethyst (which is ECS-only), etc.)

All in all, thanks for taking interest in me. If you want to know more about me, take a look at my homepage (caution: its old and I am working on a new one) :)

Hope to hear from you!


PS.: Found two bugs on dev.to D: My "Summary" is quite long, however it seems the field should have only accepted shorter inputs. Now everything is saved and I can annoy you all with a giant block of text, haha. The second bug is that I cannot change my avatar, so now I will always use that super cool "real" photo of me ;P Seriously, is there any "report bug" or "feedback" functionality? I am too lazy to write a mail every time I encounter a bug ;P


Haha, yeah that's a hidden feature we have... We do have an error page you can report things, but this is certainly not a bad place for that. We also have a Github repo where you can write an issue.

Summaries technically don't have a limit, but there probably should be one.

Changing my profile picture works though. Shoot me an email at andy@dev.to and we can continue there, if you'd like.


Hello, my name is Ivan and I'm working as a software developer since 2012. I'm from Croatia. I'm interested in embedded systems firmware development (mostly C and C++).

Since 2016 I've started working with Java, and Java is my favourite language. I'm very interested in AI and machine learning.

I have my own company called Mobile Vehicle Technology, and actually I have connected my hobby with work.


Hello everyone! My name is Ding and I'm a Junior Front-end Developer since 2016. I live in China, Shanghai. I like JavaScript and Python. In my last job, I use Angular 1.x for company projects. I'm learning ES6 and React now and I want to find a remote job.

How has technology changed how you connect with others?

Everyone can share their knowledge and contribute to something great. Just like this community.


Hello my name is Deepak Kumar Sood, I am passionate about learning new things and technologies, and also inventing new things, and the cheapest to do so is just with your computer. That is how i got hooked to computers because you can create new things almost for free. I love open source community and always looking to learn new things.


Hello, my name is Yannick, I'm ... well let's just say I'm considered an "old guy" :-)

I live in Switzerland, and I have been writing software for as long as I can remember.

My favorites languages are python, groovy, and lately I fell in love with Swift. I also like Javascript, Java, and basically everything I can program with.

I like building web sites and web apps, although those last few months I've been developping iOS apps and I love it !

My next goal is to learn to write Android apps, so I'll have to dive into Kotlin and Android studio.

I look forward to sharing my experiences with you guys.

Cheers !


Hi there all. My name is Ross Bates and I'm a developer in Dallas, TX. Been working in a variety of industries and technologies since 1999. I'm more passionate about interesting work and solving big problems than I am a specific stack, but if you twisted my arm I would say Python is what I enjoy most.

In recent years I've moved into building products focused more on early stage and startups. It's where I feel like I can have the most fun and make the biggest impact.

Good to be here. Look forward to talking more with everyone.


Hey everyone. My name is Jacob McKinney and I'm a WordPress developer in Huntsville, AL. I work mostly with PHP, JS, HTML, and CSS. I've been programming in one form or another for about 12 years, but only professionally for the past 3-4 years.

I have loved reading stuff from dev.to and hope to start contributing as well. I just recently realized there is a community here so I decided to jump in. Excited to be here!


Hey all!

I'm Aizaz Khaja and I've been developing since 2016, thanks to Bloc.io. I really enjoy working full stack because the logical/rational side of me wants the backend and the creative side of me enjoys the frontend.

My main technologies are JavaScript (node.js, Angular, React.js) and Ruby (Rails).

Have been looking forward to joining a dev community, and this place looks like a good start.


Hi Everyone,

I'm Levent. I'm the co-founder and CTO of Brapp by night and a consultant product manager at Goodlord by day.

I haven't really known what I'm doing since I started writing code professionally in 2001 :`)

Looking forward to learning and meeting other startup founders and developers.



Hey there!

I am a full-stack JavaScript expert with about 10 years of experience and CEO at CreativeIT, a software house located Belarus. Here I’m responsible for technical consulting, negotiating, and managing our team.

Being an active contributor to open-source development, I’m proud that many of our company’s products have earned many stars on GitHub. Nice to meet you, guys!


Hello, my name is Gabriel. I am a programmer living in Guayaquil, Ecuador.

I spend most of my time tinkering with computers and thinking about how to make better software. I love Linux and other FOSS things and I try to contribute to open source projects as much as I can.

I work full-time as an android developer so most of my time I'm writing Kotlin or JavaScript, but on my spare time I also like to dabble in different languages like Go and Haskell.


Hello, I'm Adrian. I'm a recent graduate from the coding boot camp Galvanize. I went in wanting to create mobile apps for the IOS and Android platforms even though Galvanize only teach Full Stack Web Development and Data Science. That's where I learned about React Native and I've built my Q3 and Capstone projects with React Native. Now I'm learning all I can about the RN platform.

I want to learn Swift/Objective-C and Java/Kotlin down the line as well as Python (always wanted to learn Python).

Can't wait to get started in a career of mobile app development.




Hello, i'm Guiala Jean Roger,I'm a young Software developper base in cameroon, i'm interested in web (mostly PHP and javascript and some ASP.NET) and mobile development (targeting IOS and Android with xamarin).
like to learn new stuff and i'm ready to work on any great project.
oh also i'm really interested in GIS (Geographic Information System).
That's a bit about me


Hello Everyone,

I am Md Anwarul Kaium Patwary, I am very passionate about Graph theory, networked data analysis, data science and computer science. Currently, I am doing research on graph partitioning, specifically, I am dealing with dynamic graph data from the different domain. I would be glad share my ideas here and looking forward to seeing all of your some interesting posts here on science and technology.



Hi! I'm Owen, and I'm a 15-year-old wannabe sysadmin. I'm working on hardening/managing multiple linux instances at once right now, so I work mostly with bash. I don't do much writing on the subject myself, but I find it really useful to be able to read through articles here by having an account. As for higher-level languages, I am decently fluent with Java and C++, which I mostly use to create short games in my spare time.


My name is Chizom Echehieuka, it's a beautiful place here. I've been playing with javascript, php, Java and xml.

I'm from Nigeria.
I look forward to learning more. I believe that learning all the programming languages won't solve the world's problems. People will.



My name is Dennis G Davis. I have been in IT for many years starting with writing COBOL in college. I have worked in the Oracle Application development group writing and packaging an app for delivery with the Oracle Financial Applications suite. I then moved over to Siebel and worked technical support for this CRM platform in may roles - Solution Architect, BA, and PM. I come to this group with abilities, but frankly to keep them as fresh as possible as our industry changes. I use places like this to do so. I hope to be contributing content in some form or another. I remain excited to be a part of a seminal industry - the bits are spreading everywhere.


Hello, my name is Chibueze Ogbunude, you can call me Lemuel, I am a software developer who loves Android development and always ready to support the Android OS. I have dabbled with other areas such as 3D design, Network security and also with some languages such as C# and PHP. What I enjoy are communities like this where I can learn and most importantly contribute, not just in Android communities but any software development community. My eyes are on Languages such as Dart, Kotlin and C++ :).

I have a blog LEMUBIT where I share my experiences and share tips on software development.

I actually just graduated from University this year, thus giving me more time for software development. :)


Hello everyone!, I'm a student of Mechanical engineering from Venezuela but I'm doing a course of programming called CS50 becouse I like the all of the related with technology and the development of software that is closely related to it. I like too the electronic, the knowledge and everything related with the education and the information sharing.

In the course I see a few programming languages but I'm not decided yet wich to choose.

I'm glad to be here and meet more people who are interested in the technology and programming as well as view valuable information that shares each

I'm new in this world of programming so I appreciate some material to help me on my long road as a developer and technology lover

I think it's all, I finish with a question:

If you were 19 years old, what would you have like to know to be a developer? ( like information, some course to know some things more fast, some opportunity or idea to be more successful... )


I've heard CS50 is a great start.

Also, I think just writing a lot of code and programs is such a useful way for learning. Learning computer science is a whole lot of theory and what not, but what has gotten me this far as a developer is just making projects and programs.

OH and @vaidehijoshi has been writing Basecs, her computer science program/series. Great stuff!


I appreciate your comment, and well I always try learn by doing. Thanks for the information :)


Hi all, I am Naren. I work as a Software Development Engineer at Citrix. I am a full stack developer using Python and Go for the web backend and React for the UI. I deal with micro services and stateful components everyday. I do write some opinionated personal and technical junk here (medium.com/@narenarya). I usually speak at various tech conferences about software development and currently authoring a technical book on REST API development & micro services.

In the spare time, I try to cook spicy Indian dishes(since I am from India). If time allows me further, I practice the chess openings and end games.

In the weekends, I also conduct dev workshops to promote the open source tools like NodeJS, Python and, Django in nearby engineering schools.


Hey- My name is Mike, and I'm a CS student at the University of Alabama in Huntsville.

I don't have a dev job right now, but I graduate in the spring of next year, so I'm hoping to have one sometime before then. I've worked with a handful of languages, including python, C/C++, Rust, javascript + html + css and now lua (making a small game).


Hello there,

I'm Akio, and I'm a Software Engineer from Manila, Philippines. I currently work in a start up company. I started coding as a hobby back in 2014, and I mostly write in PHP, and in Python on my free-time. I'm also taking some online tutorial/lesson about Machine Learning

Beside from writing codes, I also enjoy reading articles about technology, learning and creating new stuffs.

Nice to meet you lads!




Hey, I'm Jason! I'm a Business Analyst with a large bank. Currently, finishing up my Bachelor of Science in Computer Science. Just turned back towards python programming as my education has turned me onto Data Science.

I fell into dev.to reading Ben's article on Atom vs VS Code. I'm an old emacs user turned vim user but needed to do some C#/.Net Core programming for school. And VS Code seemed a direction since I'm running Fedora on my desktop/laptop.

I haven't really thought about posting anything but since I'm looking to continue education by getting a Master's in Data Science maybe I'll start posting some of the stuff I'm learning, and maybe teach some others while I'm learning.


Technology has made connect to people very very easy.
Let me give a funny instance: Trying to connect to a girl or a guy's physically, beauty and class play a role.
But using technology, these factors don't have a say.That means it more easier to communicate and connect with people using technology.


Hello World!

I'm Didier from Mexico City. I've earned experience as a networking engineer for Cisco and other companies, I earned a CCNA some years ago. Right now I'm eager to re-learn about software develpement, particularly in Python.

See you around!


Hi there!
I'm senior backend developer/junior data scientist. I write high-quality server side code and play around with statistics, data analysis and machine learning stuff.


Currently I'm living in Bangkok and travel quite often to Singapore.


Hi ! My name is Hamza, I’m a Software Engineer @Capgemini.
I am working on web projects using php and some Javascipt as a side language. I also am fond of JavaScript frameworks, although I’ve only used Angular and React so far.
I sometimes code for fun and try to make useful tools for the open source community to use, doesn’t feel at all like work to the point I need to go on vacation by force !
I’d love to familiarize with Ruby and Python, as I only have been using php and Java as main languages which seems kinda poor to me.
Nice to meet y’all and hope we get to exchange and grow together !


Hi ... my name is Matt. I am a student at the University of Plymouth in the United Kingdom studying for a BA in Digital Art & Technology. Currently, I am on my placement year, working as a web developer for a small studio in Plymouth.

My background is in web development although, until recently, I hadn't coded in anger for about 10 years. I am still hugely interested in all aspects of web development, both frontend and backend.

My placement involves contributing to Laravel projects. This has come as something of a learning curve, having never used Laravel before and possessing limited (and rusty) PHP skills. Lots has changed in the past decade ;)

I am keen to get up to speed with modern web development, OOP PHP, SASS, Laravel, Javascript, JQuery, etc., etc., etc.!


Hi, my name is Jo, and I'm a returning software engineer trying to get back to the industry. The tech industry has changed a lot since my last software engineer role 8 years ago. I'm trying my best to learn new technologies, relearn C# and JavaScript, reconnect with people in this field, and keep a positive attitude towards this whole process. My most recent project is qwk.io that allows unregistered users create surveys using markdown syntax. I just finished all the feature but have not done any UI design or test cases. I learned a great deal of Node.js and Angular 4 throughout this project and my next step is to learn Karma or Jasmine.
I hope I'll be able to find a junior software engineer position soon. Thank you for reading.


Hello! My name is Banso Wisdom. I'm a Software Developer based in Nigeria. Build stuff with .Net, AngularJS, Firebase and Ionic. I'm also into game development and virtual reality using Unity3D. I'm a Data Science and Machine Learning enthusiast as well.


Hi, am Rony. I love web designing and it's programming and the current trends of technology. This technology has immensely reduced the response time taken by two or more communicating parties, eased communication and enhanced effective content sharing.


Hi, my name is Opara Prosper. I am a full-stack web developer in the making, I have not been too long into web development. I currently develop with html5, css3,JavaScript and bootstrap and am looking to start my backend adventure.I am a Nigerian, I hope to connect with great the minds here on dev.to and learn from you all.


Technology has really affected my interaction with people for starters. My interest in technology dates back to forever, started learning the basics HTML and CSS (surface knowledge) Python and PHP (just wandering around aimlessly).

My life changed when I started learning JavaScript (if watching 1 tutorial counts), then decided to dig deeper into JavaScript by learning AngularJS, since then my I find it hard conversing with people or expressing myself because I can't literally declare variables and store in the conversation and call those variables to enable me explain easier.

I have also come to realise how technology solves problems and how my day to day problems can be solved by preparing my course of action just like I give computers instructions.

Still a newbie, presently playing with Angular4.


Hi. My name is Solomon. I'm a freelance developer living in Gaborone, Botswana. I mostly interested in android application development and web development. I'm a big fan of Java, C# and PHP. I would like to learn JavaScript, React and Python. I'm currently doing the freeCodeCamp certification and #100DaysOfCode.


Hi, I am Abhinav and I am a QA Engineer at Qonto. I am based out of France and I have been working in the QA domain for the last 5 years. I am in love with the Python programming language, not just because of its mere simplicity but also because of the fact that prototyping and developing in Python is very easy.

I have recently ventured into the world of bots and I find NLP really interesting. I am always ready to collaborate and work on interesting projects. Please feel free to ping me if I could be of any assistance. Here is the link to my entire digital presence.


Hello! I'm Antonio, from Italy.
As a student, I'm interested in learning all the new cool stuff and stay updated in the developers world. I'm pretty sure I am going to find some interesting article made by people who are way more expert than me - but I'll try to add my little contribute writing something.

I usually don't write much, especially in English, but I like to make new experiences so here I am :D

My first article is live: dev.to/zaphodias/simple-telegrams-...


How's it going folks? My name is Brandon. I'm a developer at To The Tens, a fashion startup.

I mostly use JavaScript for both work, and hobby programming. I've also got some Python under my belt, and have been diving into the world of Go and Nim. I'm also starting to look at Rust.

Asides from that, I'm a bit of a security nerd, and try to do bug bounties for fun. (I'm not the greatest, nor do I do it frequently, but it's fun!)

My latest project has been learning a bit more about server setup and deployment by setting up Gitea, and soon a few more programs to help round out my "personal cloud".



Hey guys, it feels great to be among and being connected to so many developers worldwide. I'm new to dev.to and just wrote my first post


Hello, My name is Pranav Rana. I am a Full Stack Web Developer and code on the LAMP stack. I have worked as a freelancer since 2014. Now, I own a tutorials website: dwellupper.io/.
My expertise is in PHP development. Though I am very very interested in Javascript and love coding interactive Webapps. Besides webapps, I like to code Cordova apps. Currently, I am looking forward to get my hands on Electron Development. I like the idea of Javascript everywhere.

That is some little info about me. Excited to be onboard.


Hello, My name is Pranav Rana. I am a Full Stack Web Developer and code on the LAMP stack. I have worked as a freelancer since 2014. Now, I own a tutorials website: Dwellupper IO.
My expertise is in PHP development. Though I am very very interested in Javascript and love coding interactive Webapps. Besides webapps, I like to code Cordova apps. Currently, I am looking forward to get my hands on Electron Development. I like the idea of Javascript everywhere.

That is some little info about me. Excited to be onboard.


I am bud. I am a GNU/Linux enthusiast. I Bash a lot. Is currently in the making of a static webpage, generated by Hugo. It will be the home of my blog/pod with focus on scripting and ricing, and I will also host my scripts and dotfiles and maybe some food there. I am slowly learning C. Only thing I miss from windows is AutoHotkey. I am currently in Sweden, but I really want to move somewhere else. I only use highlighting for comments, been a Sublime user for many years, trying to use it in Vintage mode (VI-bindings) as much as possible.

My idea of a computer is that the computer is the IDE

This looks like a cool community, maybe I fit in this time..


Hi my name is Rajil and I'm a trying-to-be an expert coder guy. Newbie and web designer I'd like to dive in coding completely. passionate about IT and addicted to movie. From republic of Congo (not DRC) in central Africa my wish is to show up that our country got some skilled dev also.


Hi everyone, I'm Emile, a remote software developer from Jamaica. I love all things tech and all things development. But I'm interested in getting to know you all and read the interesting works you'll be posting. Of course I'll join in and post about my development adventures.

I'm language agnostic and have no main language or paradigm, but I usually work with Javascript, PHP, and Go. I'm not sure what I'll not sure what I should be writing yet, but I hope you all enjoy it.


Hello everyone, I am Raheem Azeez Abiodun, a software developer from Lagos, Nigeria. I like building cool stuffs with python and javascript. I am currently involved with frontend and backend technologies. I use django and react. I love algorithm and data structure. I hang out with my fellas when am very less busy.

I write posts on medium when i can Medium


Hey, my name is Angshuman and I am associate software engineer at Nuchange Informatics. I love coding. Learning about new programming languages and it's nuts and bolts are my hobby as well as passion. I am gald I joined this community. This community has a lot materials that is extremely useful and meet my needs. I am currently learning full stack web development. And I want to learn more about js and its frameworks.



I am JF and have about 13+ years programming in O-O, mainly Java, and have also done occasional front-end work (JS/HTML/CSS). I have also worked or played with Groovy, C#, Python and Ruby, and a few niche languages such as MiniZinc and Octave.

I discovered Clojure in 2011 and adopted it instantly as my language of choice: its functional features, being a modern Lisp and hosted, speed-of-thought REPL development and tooling, its break-neck speed innovations and effervescent community, among others, make it by far the most fun, expressive and powerful PL I have ever come across.

Other learning interests include Haskell, Idris and Rust, and deployment technologies.


Hello guys, I'm Arianit, a 19 Jr. software developer working mostly with open big data. An open-minded, a jr. technology mentor and computer geek. A contributor to build digital platforms for Kosovo Institutions. A skilled coder contributing in open source software community. A participant in a lot of trainings, hackathons, and workshops. An experienced, dedicated and hardworking guy.

I am very glad to join this dev community. I hope we are going to enjoy the time learning and sharing knowledge between each-other in this great community.


Hi, I'm Matt and I'm a backend and integration developer at TechGap. I work mainly with Java and Kotlin technologies, but I'm skilled in Ruby, NodeJS and Go too.
I'm a Cloud enthusiast, and my ultimate goal is to help to diffuse general computing to everyone through a simple browser by delivering solid Software as a Service.
I love to tinker with tech, being it servers (Docker, OpenShift, other PaaS and IaaS) or software technologies (Go, Spring, RabbitMQ, VertX).
I have a couple of open source projects that you can find on my blog.
Happy Coding everyone!


Hey there! I'm a career-long developer and data analyst, developing in C#/F# by day, and F#/Elixir/Clojure in my "free time" (aka, when the kids and wife are asleep). I've been creeping on dev.to for several months and finally decided to create an account. My non-development hobbies are board games and stand-up comedy. Ben and company, y'all have done a great job, and I look forward to contributing when I can!


Hi there, I'm from Milan, Italy and i work in a consultancy company there, I'm a former iOS dev but now I shift constantly between backend techs and architectures matters :)
So a lot of objc, swift, python, nodejs and java.
I'm an AWS fan :) and always trying new things
nice to meet you :P


Hello, I am from Azerbaijan. I am interested in Web Development and Freelancing.

I want to learn something new and deepen my knowledge.

I also like to read about self-discipline and motivation.


Namaste :)
This is Karan from Vadodara, India. A software developer by profession and a blogger by hobby. I play with C#.Net, MySql and AngularJs mostly however, I am also trying few new toys that are recently trending from Asp.Net Core, Azure Cloud and Angular 2+. This community seems interesting because it intersects both my hobby and profession together. Glad to be here. Yes you can visit my blog (kreativekaran.blogspot.in/) or fork any of my Github repo here (github.com/karandesai28?tab=reposi...)


Henlo guys, I'm Daniel from the Philippines, I'm Filipino-Chinese and I'm interested in learning different branches of technology. What I'm into now is web development(PHP, Javascript, and CSS), I want to attain at least the intermediate level in these branch before I jump to another, recommendations for online tutorials or something like laracast would be appreciated.

Technology changed how I connect with others in terms of expressing. Expressing became easier when the medium used is technology. The thoughts in our head that cannot be spoken are expressed via chatting, blogging, or video calling.


Hello everyone 👋👋 i'm Abdullahi am Nigerian, a final year student of Computer information system, am a front end web developer, javaScript with React framework. I really love to pair program and learn from others. I would like to one day build something that will benefit everyone. On twitter as @abdoullfurya . Nice to meet you.
Seven blessings to you all


Great for being a part of this great community.

Already published one article here: dev.to/software_india/4-main-chall...

Some great articles can be found on dev.to Thank you to all the contributors.

Looking for an exchange on this platform.


Hi! Coder/entrepreneur/product manager for about 20 years now. Self/community-taught dev, have never held a dev title or been paid to be one.

I currently work in JS (Angular) and Go. Also know PHP pretty well and am really versed in WordPress development (former Automattician).

I saw a tweet from Jess Lee that led me there :) This looks like a great place!

Twitter is THE technology that has changed how I connect with others. I've made friends from all over the world whom I otherwise would never have met. I've learned more from the people I follow on Twitter than just about anywhere else.

My current side project can be seen at Xapnik.com.


Hi . I am founder of the nixar (askucher.github.io/nixarweb/#/) npm package, blockchain developer and business owner.

My favorite language is livescript and love some smart bug unknown products


Hi, Gagandeep Singh here , I am android developer since 2013, before that I have some experience in J2EE. I love java , wish to contribute on github more someday.

I love listening to tech podcasts and also try to stay updated with latest and greatest tech in my domain.

Recently I have started learning kotlin and started admiring it , but for me java is first love.

I chose to develop in android because I believe in community driven approach.

I love to read/practice about designing/architecture aspect of any code than UI


Hi, guys, my name is Ajay, I'm a junior Product Manager with domain experience in DevOps at Devcenter.co. Pretty much fascinated by everything usable tech and how technology can be engineered to create a better world for everyone. Guys don't forget we are all people of different opinions and perspectives but one thing is we share a common thread of humanity. Let's create a better place and at that, I'm open to harnessing all I can from the community. Cheers!


Hello everyone!, I'm a student of Mechanical engineering from Venezuela but I'm doing a course of programming called CS50 becouse I like the all of the related with technology and the development of software that is closely related to it. I like too the electronic, the knowledge and everything related with the education and the information sharing.

In the course I see a few programming languages but I'm not decided yet wich to choose.

I'm glad to be here and meet more people who are interested in the technology and programming as well as view valuable information that shares each

I'm new in this world of programming so I appreciate some material to help me on my long road as a developer and technology lover

I think it's all, I finish with a question:

If you were 19 years old, what would you have like to know to be a developer? ( like information, some course to know some things more fast, some opportunity or idea to be more successful... )


My name is Hassan Sani a self thought developer, been on this for the past 3 years and I must say I love what it does to me get me into more and more research with more opportunity to learn new things recently I have started sharing my knowledge with some of my friends


Hi, I'm Rahul Prasad. I'm from India . A self taught android developer. Developing android application for more than an year. There are still lot of rooms available for me to develop. So assist me, help me and teach me to become a better android developer.

Thank you. :)


Hola! My name is Vy ✌️ I am a front end developer. In upcoming weeks I am moving to Barcelona.

Developers from Barcelona or Amsterdam hit me on Linkedin: linkedin.com/in/vytautas-dargis/


Hello all. My name is Calvary, am a Nigerian. I have been learning how to code for a while now with C. Unfortunately I have only been able to learn the basics and I know I will and also learn other languages apart from C although am not a computer science student but I just want to learn it not just for the fun of it. I need someone to put me through...


Hi all. I am a software developer based in Seattle. I was looking for a place to read a feed of dev articles and landed on this awesome site. I was going to start writing a dev blog on Medium until I came here. Feel free to connect with me and share the knowledge.


Hello my name is Deepak Kumar Sood, I am passionate about learning new things and technologies, and also inventing new things, and the cheapest to do so is just with your computer. That is how i got hooked to computers because you can create new things almost for free. I love open source community and always looking to learn new things. And i am from India.



My name is Duncan Jones and I am a developer based in Dublin, Ireland. I work in financial services and my main interests are in Event Sourcing and distributed architecture.

I have written CQRS plug ins for Visual Studio - a graphical designer and an Azure hosted framework for doing CQRS over Azure storage as a back end.


My name is Sean and I am from Malaysia. I am a Computer Science freshman. So far I have only learnt C and currently learning XHTML 1.0. I also self-taught myself on C# to create a discord bot.

I would like to learn Java/JavaScript and C++ in the near future. I am hoping that I will be able to expand my knowledge on programming here.


Hi, I'm Anjola(i know you can't pronounce it properly😅), well i'm learning php programming after dabbling a little in python 😉.
My first project as a php dev will be an anonymous messaging platform (stolen idea you say🤔) I'll be making it open source though

PS: I'm looking for a mentor😎


Hello, my name is avindu. i am a junior software engineer at a tech company in sri lanka, as well as a CS undergraduate.

Super interested in webtech as well as AI.. and anything in between actually.

Cheers :D


Hello all, I'm Aniket Bhattacharyea, a student from Kolkata, India. I'm a B.Sc. first year student in Mathematics.

I am passionate about Computer Science since I was 10 years old. I have started programming around 2007 in BASIC. Over the years I have learned C, C++, Java, JS, Ruby, Python, PHP, HTML, CSS and a lot more.

Hoping to have a great time here!!


Hi from France. I love data mining, python, lua, processing.

Sometimes, i do video to learn Processing in French (youtube.com/watch?v=3-phKMckQ_0).

I am very interested by data journalism and the use of open data.


Hi, there! I am Jimmy from Beijing, China. I focus on Big Data & Cloud Native architectures. I usually write some blogs in Chinese. Visit my blog jimmysong.io I also like photography see my pictures jimmysongio.tuchong.com


Hi, im Min from Malaysia. I learnt Ruby,Javascript, and Elixir since last year. Never really do any substantial work though. I feel like im lurking in programming forums and discussion without much progress in actual programming skill. I hope to change that since Im going to form a web shop company with my friend.


Hi all, my name is Rodrigo. I'm from Brazil and I write software since 1984. I first worked writing stuff in C, but for the last years I worked around PHP.

Technology allows me to connect with people around the world that share some common interests and currently lets me work with people that live in Germany or Canada.


Hi my name is Gihooh I'm a software developer for 3 years. I've worked using java, python and c++ on telco domain. Currently I'm shifting to web development and I'm trying hard as much to catch up with the latest tech and stacks. That's all for my short intro, I hope to learn a lot from and even contribute to this group. Cheers.


Hi, my name is Umar Farouq am a developer specialised in front end development and back end and also loves competitive programming. My favourite languages are PHP, C++, JS. Am going to start a blog to share my experience and works.


My name is Jochem. I am written in Javascript and I would be thrilled if I actually make some friends here with similar interests and read what like minded people are up to these days because I am intellectually lonely.


Hi everyone!

My name is Tom Bartel. I am a computer scientist and software developer by training. My favourite languages are JavaScript and Lisp, even though I have never written any Lisp professionally. I work in Düsseldorf, Germany with trivago, where I started as a developer and then became an engineering manager at some point.

I have also watched and mentored others as they went through the transition from engineering to management. I am currently putting my experiences down as a guide: tombartel.me/dev-to-manager/
I am also very interested in everything related to tech recruiting.

If you would like to get in touch, I'm always open!


Hi, my name is Will and I'm a self-taught programmer. I've just graduated from the University of Auckland majoring in Business Information Systems and I'm currently searching for my first job.

I haven't developed anything too outrageous yet, but I have got a couple of apps on both the Google Play store and the Windows store.

I'm trying to learn more about AI and machine learning. I hope to write articles based on these topics in the future :)


Hi! my name is Nicolás, i'm a SR front-end engineer at Belatrixsf and i'm very passionated about javascript development. I like sharing my experiences with others and help people on their career path to become frontend engineers, oh and i'm Argentinian.


Hi, I'm Savindi from Sri Lanka. I'm currently a Software Engineering undergraduate in University of Kelaniya. I'm curious to get knowledge and wanna know 'Why' in everything i do. That is why i thought this is a great place for me. :-) Nice meeting you all


Hey, This is Santhosh, studying Computer Science and Engineering and blogger in my own foundational blog bleedbytes.This blog is a tech niche focusing on areas like open source, tech news, how to's etc..

I am glad about joining here.


Hi, my name is Dennis, I am a software developer and I am from Lima-Perú.
Currently I am programming with angular 4 + typescript and I have been working on web projects since 2007 using ASP.net and MVC.

I am glad to join this community.


Hi folks,

I am a web developer. Excited about advancements in web development. Lately, I have been shifting towards open source and remote working models.

I like programming. But it turns out I have been doing it all wrong by only improving myself in programming. From now on I will be trying hard to get into community, share and express myself, and socialize more.


Hey guys, I am 'Naren' from India with 4 years of industry experience and currently I work as a backend engineer for an A.I startup. I just started blogging and found this platform through twitter, I am here, so that I can engage in discussions with other devs as well as publish my posts.

Happy to discuss/help about all things python, golang, databases, postgres, redis, AWS, IoT, backend infrastructure and engineering.

Officially I am more into python, but a while back I started coding in golang by creating this open source command line tool

I am also a regular speaker in conferences and love to guide newbies in the tech I know.


Hey I'm Sine.

I started editing and producing web video in 1998, and now I do front-end development. I'm getting deeper into unix scripting and network security, and I have a background in fine art and biotechnology. I'm an odd bird.

Anyway, hi!


Hi, my name is Vinay Krishna. Got my first computer at age 19 as I didn't had that privilege to get hands on them before. Coding interested me at 21 after graduating in Electronics & Communication. So I joined CS doing Masters and now I am the founder of Shikshitha Technologies (shikshitha.com) at 27.

Solo developer and an introvert but this hasn't stopped me progressing in my career. Formerly Android developer and learnt different technology stack meantime while working in my last job after work hours. Quit the job and started my startup 3 months ago.

I wear many hats to date in my startup - Angular developer, RESTful API developer in java, Android developer, Database developer, AWS integration and deployment.

Now meeting potential clients and also in lookout of people who would join me in sales and marketing.


I am Ajaz Siddiqui, Developer with over 7 years of experience, who constantly strives to enhance my abilities. I’ve had the privilege of working on a number of amazing projects from Financial Institutes, Stock & Commodity exchanges, Start-ups, Artists, Agencies and many more. In 2010, I've founded my own company, Websolite Inc and developed more than 100+ Web Projects for clients including 14+ eCommerce projects and a Themeforest theme.


Hello guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
My name is Astyanax, i'm a software developer. I love to read everything about Techs also to learn new programming languages.

For now, i write code in c# .net (Web Developer), and recently i started to lear about RoR i just loved it, right now i'm trying to learn all about it.

I'm a nice person, well, at least some of my friends tell it.. jeje


Ashinze Onyeka here, IT enthusiast... Interested in Java, JS, HTML and PHP. Feels great to be here.


Hi, my name is Jaco. I'm currently a (junior-ish) frontend developer at Native VML. I'm currently re-entering the tech industry after reaching a stalemate early this year. I have great knowledge of CSS & HTML and I'm trying to upskill in various ways to become a better frontend dev. Currently trying my best to learn and practice javascript and soon want to try out react.js or even vue.js. But I'm taking baby-steps at a time.

Joining communities like this is just one of the many steps I'm taking to improve my skills and upgrade my knowledge. (Something I haven't done previously).

Would love some people to follow me on twitter, I'll follow you back!


Hey there !
Must be a bug cause I'm pretty sure I made a presentation before, but here goes anyway ! Second tries are always better.
I am Hamza, a Moroccan software engineer since 2014, was recently working in Capgemini till recently (am currently switching to a new employer).
I have always been fond of PHP since my first project, and have been using it professionally with frameworks such as Laravel, Lumen and Symphony. I also worked on a Drupal project.
I usually work on big projects, so I usually feel the need to make the code comprehensible, optimized and thoroughly commented, and make sure the testing code is on point too. I am kind of a maniac when it comes to that.
Nonetheless I am always eager to learn more, as I have some experience with frontend JS frameworks like Angular and React, and would love to master those to feel complete. I'd also love to learn Python (Django), Ruby (Rails).


Hello, my name is Sahil Edward. I love learning! Specially with regards to science + technology! Hope, together, using our knowledge + skills, we can add some positive changes into our world.


Hi there, my name is Spartak, and I'm a web developer (mostly javascript guy) at inConceptLabs. Glad to join your community. I'm coding since 2015, now trying to improve my skills.Here I found many interesting topics in javascript, so I'll continue to follow them. Happy coding :)


Hi, my name is Anderson Brandão. I am a web developer from São Paulo, Brazil. I had my first experience some years ago working with Ruby on Rails, since this moment I am a passionate for MVC pattern and web development.

I am just starting my own business and working hard for more expertise in important areas to become a complete full stack developer.

I need be honest, I am here to praticte and improve my English skills too =)


I'm Emmanuel, a Physiotherapist passionate about e-Health, Design, Mobile and Web. I'm working on a start-up and I need support.


Hi there,my name is Marah and I am an IT engineer, I have interests in web development especially JavaScript 😍, and I am self learner too.
I am happy to find this community 🙌.


Hey, My name is Rabin I am from Nepal and a rails developer, interested on compiler design and algorithms :)


Hello, I am Vukasin, I come from Serbia. I am in a stage-[trying to get in IT world] by learning, doing some projects, trying to catch up with others, giving my best.. Language I got into a lot,beside elementary stuff, is PHP, and especially Laravel, witch I found very impressive.


Hello, this is Prasanth Balan I've been a rubyist since 2015, I'm Indian and i'm happy to join here....


Hai everyone, my name is Yosef Benny Widyokarsono (Future Ruby on Rails Developer from Indonesia).

I am interested in Web Development and I think the future is lies in the clouds.

Currently looking for an opportunity to actualizing and developing my skills.


Hi, I'm Reyhan from Indonesia. I'm co-lead at Facebook Developer Circle Malang and also software engineer from 2013.

My main programming language is Javascript for now. Still learning Golang.



My name is Hani Harzallah, and i am an IT student graduating hopefully this year !

I am very passionate about tech, but also very lazy.

Finally, i am no writer so...

That's it !


I am Essien and I am a newbie developer.A little of back-end and a little front-end


I'm Rajitha from Sri Lanka and a Software Engineer.
Happy to be a part of this awesome Community!


Hello everybody,
I've been lurking on dev.to community for quite sometime:)
I've finally joined today so that I can interact with community members. Looking forward.


Hello everyone, i'm from Manaus-Brazil, and i'm a frontend/php developer.

Nice to meet all of you!



Hey. I'm Ian and I'm an ex developer (now manager) who develops side projects using ROR and iOS/Swift. Bonjour, nice to meet you.


Hello. My name is Thomas Clancy. I'm a senior Java enterprise architect and developer. I've been a professional developer since 1993.


Hi, my name is Albert, I'm from Venezuela, I've been a web developer since 2014, I work mostly with PHP using laravel and symfony, I'm currently working on my front end skills learning react.



My name is Jesus.

I'm a .Net developer and I love it :)


Hello, I am Prasanna. I am an embedded programmer. I have submitted more than a handful of patches to Linux kernel.


Hi , My name is Amit (call me khats),
I am in SAP , Application extension development , integration development ,
javascript and more..


Hi, my name is Ignacio, im a student and im learning frontend dev, its super awesome to found this page, thank you, and see you around


Hello everyone, My name is Muhumuza Pius. An IT specialist. I'm Ugandan and look forward to interacting with you all.


Hi, my name is AKEEM. I'm a Nigerian. I'm a web developer.


Hello, i just started programming with JS , i have zero prior experience, i do hope i get to learn here


Hello, I'm Rinat from Russia. Beginner in web development. My interests: HTML5, CSS3, JS, Vue.js, different tools.


Hello I am Sunitha Premjee.Experienced Software developer from Columbus,Indiana.Happy to join this online community for developers.


why messages don't have timestamp ?I want to see time when the message sended.


Hey, I'm a software developer working on mobile apps. Currently interested in Machine learning as everybody else :D


Hi! I am Jeffrin. I am a front-end developer working in a company near my hometown. I live in India. I have 1-year experience as a front-end developer.


Hi, I am Arun Kamble, work as UI Team Lead. I am Indian.


printf("\nHello World!\n");
printf("Será que tem brasileiro usando isso!? suheuhse\n\n");


Such an awesome and inspiring dev community! I'm really loving it.

Thanks guys!


I would like to thank you for the efforts you have made in writing this message. Actually i am researching on food blogging and I found unwedhousewifeblog if you are interested in food recipe, or if you don' about food reciepe so you can get more knowledge here about food.


Hi everyone, my name is Edewor Onyedika. Am a lawyer by profession but a tech lover. I believe that Tech is the biggest thing ever to happen to Earth. I'm interested in front-end dev.


Hi All, I am Nagarajan. I am from India. Started coding from 2006 in Java. In recent days not coding much. So joined to here to keep me up-to-date.


Hi guys! I'm Michael, and I'm a full-stack Web Developer. Nice to meet all of you!


Hi 👋🏽 I’m Sarah. I’m a freelance developer and focus on making apps and websites for businesses that help people. Looking forward to meeting you all


Hi I am Prakash,
I am a Java, java script programmer..would love to read write about best practices, coding patterns..share programming experiences.


Hi, my name is Domenico, I'm a full stack developer from Catania, Italy.


Hi, I am Radzi, from Malaysia. Old timer, with C/C++ for as long as I remembered. Working on bridging into web world with Javascript (searching for right framework to move on).


Hi, my name is Khadim, Web developer and quality analyst. I love learning New thing.


I'm the beginner web developer. Also trying to learn vue.js framework. I adore frontend!


Hi, my Friends call me chino, I'm systems information engeneer student, based un Argentina. Now I'm learning ionic & firebase.


Hi I am from India. I am a JS and Python enthusiast. I work mainly on Nodejs and some Python as well. My other interests include AI-ML, Unix, Docker, Flask etc. Great to be part of this community.


Hello World!
Será que tem brasileiro usando isso!? suheuhse


Hi, my name is Phani, and I am a full stack developer. I’m from India. I am interested in Machine learning. I am glad to join this community 🙌🏻


Hey There!
My Name is Abderrahim, 20 years old
Student Engineer from Marrakesh city, Morocco
And I am an IT Geek !

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I joined after reading a Lisp article - my fave language.

Sloan, the sloth mascot Comment marked as low quality/non-constructive by the community View code of conduct

Hello, I am Vikrant from India. A PHP Dev, presently freelancing. Feel free to contact me