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dev.to staff on January 23, 2018

Welcome! Leave a comment below to introduce yourself! You can talk about what brought you here, what you're learning, or just a fun... [Read Full]
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Hi all - I'm Melissa and I really love the web! I get excited about CSS and web animation and all the things frontend! I'm working currently at as a frontend dev at an agency in right smack in the middle of the US. There aren't a ton of other devs out this way, so it's great to meet some new folks!


Hi Guys My name is Muhammad
I am currently studying CS and living in NY
My stack is Python C++ and JavaScript
I have worked with MEAN stack in the past
My hobbies included cycling, photography or learning something
I am currently working on Image Recognition App and Teaching Full Stack Web Development
I am actively looking for summer internships
I love to use dev.to for me its great place to ask questions and I found dev.to using twitter


Hi, my name is louise. I am new in programming field. Recently, I have been delving into micro:bit programming. I want to learn more while sharing my micro:bit program with you. Hope you will like me!


Yay! I found dev.to from the CNC2018 first mission for the blog more track that I am on. I am surprised I hadn't found it before - what a great set of resources.

  • I live in Japan, just south of Tokyo
  • I am an indie developer with ongoing iOS app and web projects
  • My biggest project this year is a service for gifting - I am using react and redux for front end, node and mongodb for back end with a little help from about a million packages and services
  • I have a goal to publish 12 apps (broadly defined) in 12 months in 2018

12 apps in 12 months?? Excellent!! :)

That is almost like the #1GAM Challenge that I read about. You create 1 game in 30 days, and you keep going; so that would be 12 games a year. :)

Creating is such fun isn't it? :)


12 apps in 12 months?!?! Wow - that's a great goal!
Best wishes :)


Good luck with the goals. It's my first time on the site and it definitely looks interesting.

I'm working in react and redux as well. (Love your gh handled :D)


Hello! Name's Mike. Currently working in Finance and trying to escape into JavaScript development! Been learning for about 6 months in my spare time. Lots of python and html/CSS before that - Django and such. Now I'm thoroughly enjoying mongodb, express, react/redux, and docker. Dabbling a bit in react-native, but might hold off until I can add more to my portfolio.

Find me on github, check out my website (mctdev.org), give me some tips! I'm full steam ahead on improving and starting my career in development.


Hi everyone, my name is Andrea. I'm a psychology student from Lima, Perú. Yes, maybe my career it's not directly related to the programming field, but I consider it one of my new hobbies, just like graphic design. I hope this year I can learn so much about HTML, Java, Python and CSS.

I'll keep searching online courses! See you!


Hola Andrea!

There are lots of people with all sorts of backgrounds in dev.to like you :)

I've taken a few online courses at Udacity for web Front End Development, Java and Android already and I found them to be quite fun. Even tho they offer paid courses, you can filter them in the Catalog section to only show you the Free ones so you can have a taste of how they teach.


There's github.com/prakhar1989/awesome-cou..., which is not comprehensive, but might help you get going in fields you might be interested in.


Howdy! Have been coding since 2000 and I've not grown bored yet. It's more than a hobby for me; it's how I earn my living. Aside from coding, my other hobbies include raising chickens, camping, fishing and kayaking.


Hi everyone! My name is Chris McKay. I've been in the industry since 1999. I've been in my current full-time job for nearly seven years. For that work I currently work in Java, ColdFusion, Angular and a little React. It's fun and I enjoy working there.

In my spare time I'm managing my mobile business. I've been doing that since 2004. It would definitely be my passion project. Currently I'm working on major software updates for my Android, Windows and server-side components. Hopefully soon I'll be deploying to iOS and MacOS.

Outside of development I enjoy spending time with my family. I also love playing video games, reading and just being outside.

I've only recently found dev.to, but I'm enjoying most of the articles here. It's nice finding others who share some of the same passions I do.


Even though we're growing fast, we're pretty new. A lot of folks only recently found us.


Hey all, I am John Kagga, I love backend development. I am a Python + PhP dev. Being developing a few Backend systems. I recently fellow in Love with ReactJs and I am liking it. I am from Kampala-Uganda. I almost forgot I am an Android dev too, I like mobile development with a passion. Lastly, I like writing. I have read a few articles from this site already, cannot wait to read more.


Welcome welcome welcome. So great to have you all!


Hello everyone! My name is Anita and I am from Norway. I started out learning HTML in my teens, then later some C++, this year learning CSS. I have made several pure CSS images on codepen and else been making calculators and small games with Python (and a little JS). I am focusing on learning Python now. I am so happy for finding online courses and turtorials as they are SO helpful to me on my journey to become a software developer/Game Programmer as that is what I desire to be. Looking forward to hear from you guys!


Hi. Briefly->
name: "Samuel A. Adetoro",
occupation: "Software developer",
languages: "Java, PHP, Javascript",
platforms: "Web, Android",
OS : "Windows, Linux"
animes: "Naruto, Bleach, Samurai X",
hobbies: "Long Walks(super speed)",
fields_of_interest: "Data Analytics, AI",
side_jobs: "Social Media Strategist"
social_media: {twitter: "@big_black_fella " }
extra: "Currently working with finnacial Institution"


What a style for introduction :)


Welcome Adetoro, nice to meet you what great presentation, looking forward to learn from you so far.


Hey all - This is Zainab. I am from Egypt, living in the lovely costal city Alexandria. I have been working as web designer for over 8 years yet my true passion is front-end development and hoping one day I could shift my career entirely to front-end. Looking forward to more knowledge sharing with you guys!


Hello all, I am Obinna a backend php developer using the awesome laravel framework, also use Javascript. I just had to register after reading an article by @inidaname , medium has been my go to for programming articles seems like I just found a developers version.


Howdy everyone! My name is Skylar! I hail from Atlanta GA and am a full stack developer with skill in:

Ruby/Ruby on Rails
and more!

I’m currently looking for a job with a company as a junior developer.


Hi Dev.to community!

My name is Ludvig, I just started web dev bootcamp at Ironhack in Miami. At the moment I'm getting my hands dirty with HTML, CSS , and JavaScript. I'm an entrepreneur who wants to learn about the the tech side of building a business. I hope to collaborate with others here on cool things!



I've been a passive observer of dev.to for a while now and I really love what I've seen. It's a great community and I'm happy to officially join.

The first website I built was in 1998 and I've been doing it ever since. I'm now the CEO of Sitecast and we have a full spectrum of web development tools available. It's been an exciting ride.

Hopefully, I'll find the time to write about my experiences and share my knowledge for newer devs.

Thank you for allowing me to join!



Hey All!

I am Manik and my blood group is Java :). I've been working with Java and related technologies for 10+ years. I am also a MuleSoft Certified Solutions Architect working as ESB Consultant. I love to Integrate systems, REST APIs, Testing and some writing on my sites JavaStreets and UnitTesters. I am here to learn more and interact with other awesome developers around.

So, Good to see you all!


Hey there! Welcome to dev.to!

Feel free to leave a comment if you have a question about how to use the site. We use Markdown for all things written.

Also, now that it's almost one month from the new year, what are some things you did that you wanted to do? Anything else you're wanting to do but blocked on? Let me know!


Hello everyone! Quite happy to be here. I'm a beginner, aspiring frontend developer. Already know some HTML and CSS. Also have read Kyle's 'You Dont Know JS' ;-) well that's about all.
Would love to learn enough to be able to start freelancing


Hi Anthony! This is late coming :) but good to see you around DEV. It's been awhile since you've written this post - are you still an "aspiring" frontend developer? Or are you now working in the field?


Hello, my name is Luis. I came to this forum via the posted Sandi Metz AMA on Twitter: dev.to/sandimetz/im-sandi-metz-ask...

Related to Sandi's work, my interest is in generative art and I'm currently going through the Propane source code (a Ruby wrapper of Processing). That project's creator lists both of Sandi's books as recommended reading.

My background is in graphic design. I went to art school but always have been interested in computers, programming and how they are leveraged for creative works. After hitting a few walls teaching myself to program over the years I took a Ruby bootcamp. I love Ruby as well as Lisp and using Emacs.


What's up, name is Zane, currently work as a sysadmin hoping to transition to a web dev role in the coming year or so. Pretty much have an interest in everything computer related or programming related, but focus is on full stack web dev.

I also love metal music, the outdoors, cartoons and batman :P


Hello, I am Jean-Christophe Helary.
Living in Japan, country side. A translator-localizer for about 20 years, on Mac stubbornly. I started a Mac for Translators blog 10 years ago and after a 6 years lapse I decided to resume working on it last September. I mostly talk about automation with a focus on translation related processes, but not only.

I learned basic on a Sinclair ZX81 a long time ago, then assembly on that same machine, then Pascal and Prolog on a university Amstrad CPC64 machines, then databases on FoxPro on Windows 3.1, then HTML pretty much when the thing started. Then I stopped for a long while, and I restarted learning with AppleScript and hopefully Lisp and a few other things in the years to come.

I discovered dev.to thanks to CNC2018:more blog. It looks like a nice place.


Hello! My name's Steve, and it's been years since my last... Oh, wait. Wrong venue. I'm a programmer & writer based outside Toronto - Canada. Owner @ Alignsoft.com . Writer & Curator @ 365tomorrows.com ; a new SciFi flash fiction story daily. Coffee & solar powered. Working mostly in Angular 2 at the moment, trying to wrap my head around webpack.


👋 Hello friends!
I've been lurking for a few months, but finally decided to follow advice and come do an intro and participate in this community. I'm a Developer Advocate at Algolia and am obsessed with web performance. I love to find new creative ways to highlight data or bring projects to life that I randomly come up with whilst drinking wine. 🍷

I live in Denver, CO (woo, woo!) but travel a lot. Right now I've been doing JavaScript, JavaScript and oh hey, more JavaScript. I'll probably talk about that and other cool things I'm working on like DinosaurJS! Hit me up if you want to chat at all. Now that this post is done, I can officially say, I am not a cat. 😻


Hello World

  • I am a programmer.
  • My name is Sandesh Soni.

  • I am here to learn how to improve my productivity including IDE skills.

  • I write code in Ruby, Elixir and Reactjs

  • I am interested in chatbots, Single Page applications and SAAS

  • I work remotely from India.
    Its great to meet more folks here.


Hi, everyone! My name's Guillermo. (can either call me 'Memo' or 'Will', choose your poison)

I got here by chance and liked all the articles I read so far, so I decided to join.

I'm a python enthusiast, and I'm here for all the learning and meeting.

Let me know if I can be of assistance to anything or if you have any questions I can (maybe) answer.


Hi folks. My name is Odilon.
I'm currently a student at National Tsing Hua University in Taiwan.
I love web development (Symfony with PHP, Flask with Python, Ruby ...) and web security. I discovered dev.to on Facebook and I really enjoy reading your posts.
I hope I can learn more and interact with other developers here.


Hello! My name's Roberto Góngora but I kinda like being called Robert when I'm talking with english-speaking friends (I dunno, the 'o' sounds kinda weird to me in english)

I've been learning about web development since I was like 10 y/o, I remember grabbing my older brother's Club Nintendo magazines and reading about "how to make your own Mario Kart website!" -- they had basic HTML guides on how to create a <table> based website with the character selection screen.

Fast forward a few years (I'm currently 27 y/o) and I consider myself to be a full-stack PHP developer with some sysadmin knowledge (as of right now, being a sysadmin is my full-time job and I'm always learning new tricks).

I've been lurking around this site for a while now, I stumbled upon it while reading about the Ionic framework and PWA's and how this awesome site was the fastest one out there, and I was -amazed- by its speed, and now by its community.

I look forward to know more fellow devs and I'll try to lend a hand whenever I feel like I have enough knowledge about a topic!


Hi, I'm Markus from Austria working as Full Stack Web Dev at blue-tomato.com. Mostly I work with Node.js, PHP, MongoDB, MySQL and Redis in the backend and React, Bootstrap and yes jQuery und the frontend. A Co-Worker told me yesterday about dev.to to release an article about our SVG Primitives lazy loading project (live on blue-tomato.com/blue-world/) :-)


Hello everyone! My name is Katie - I am a CS major in Monterrey, MX. I really love front-end development and creating accessible applications. I am currently looking into learning more about front-end for web applications, as well as cool and useful programming languages and dev tools.

Happy to join the community!


Hello everyone! I've just found this site from Medium, and it looks very exciting to me. I am a web developer from Melbourne, just down under! I have recently changed my career and started in this path. Generally I build express based application on NodeJS servers, and looking forward to learn some front-end framework (ReactJS or Angular) soon.


Hey guys,

I'm Asif and have been working since 11 years in Web Development/Programing. I love to work on Laravel, CodeIgniter, AngularJS, VueJS and so on... I am here for involving into developer circle where I can share and learn everything about it.

Thank you guys once again :)


Hi All,

I'm Tracy and a beginner to medium programmer in R and Python. I mostly program for data science and currently works as a Business Intelligence Analyst at a large weather company. Glad to connect with other devs here. Rweekly.org brought me over here.

Happy Coding!


Hi all - I'm Guy, glad to help people when I can. Love Python and Django recently, R also, I mostly worked with SAS over the years doing data analysis. Located in the Great White North,” (for those old enough to remember it) I describe myself as a happy nerd with a good sense of humour. :) Best wishes for 2018.


Hi all -- you know i am boy friend of PHP we meet 4 years ago since then we never separated.
I am going to merry her this year but python not letting me huh...

Now my question is Should i learn any other language other then PHP ? and get separated :p

What you guys think need your suggestions ...


Hi Guys, I'm Punit. I have studied Master in computer application. I'm excited to learn new technology in javascript like ( React, Angular) and DevOps concept. I'm currently working as freelance of WordPress projects also contributing WordPress community. I am looking opportunity to learn and share with you guys!


Hi !

I'm Cédric and I work as CTO in a french digital agency.
Programming is a passion since I was a kid, and it became my daily job 10 years ago.

I use dev.to as a source of information about general programming concepts and best practices. Maybe I'll share some too.


Hi guys! I'm Alex and I'm from Brazil. I've been working with programming for a long time and I'm interested in programming languages, especially on all Java technology, distributed systems and operating systems. I work as a technology architect at a government company. It'll be great to meet new folks!


Hi peeps! - I'm Abhiroj and I am currently working as a software engineer. I love this community because of the insights that I get from them and it is always fun to read something cool. Trying to escape into the world of java-script one line of code at a time.


Hi everyone!

I'm Vasile and I've been coding for over 7 years now. I'm currently working as PHP back-end developer for an agency in California. Recently I've been diving into the Laravel framework, as well as the Vue.js front-end framework, and so far I really enjoy trying them out.

I've never posted any blog posts or tutorials online, but as every other dev I found myself dealing with issues/discoveries everyday, and I'd really love to share my findings with the dev community out there (even if somebody posted the same thing somewhere else already). I've been looking for a platform where I can do that, and I found dev.to. I really like the simplicity and overall user experience here 👏, so I guess I'm going to stick with it and posts some articles as well as reading some good ones from you guys (I'm pretty sure there are plenty of them here 🤓). I'm really glad I can become a part of this online community! 🎉


Hi all. My name is Miguel but everybody call me Mike.
I'm currently study about clean code and how applying in PHP with Laravel, Sass, Vue. So if you know a good practice please share to me. I'll start a blog to share everything I learn applying it in demos


Hi, my name is André and I'm 20 years old. I'm a student/developer from Mexico, I do Web and mobile development. I found Dev.to on Facebook, and I've been reading these posts for 6 months, but today I decided to open my account because I want to participate more in this great community!


Hello everyone! I'm a schoolboy. I recently found dev.to, and it is interesting! Here are many awesome articles! I'm mostly interested in programming languages like C++, Python, stuff for web like HTML, CSS, JS, related things, cryptography, and technical things (e.g. electronics) in general. I like physics and hope someday I'll create a physical simulation program. I'd like to meet new people, though I'd like to stay anonymous, nevertheless it doesn't mean I will always be anonymous. What's not secret is that I'm from Russia and my hobbies some of which are listed above. I hope you'll like me!


Hello all, I'm not a professional developer but enjoy coding and learning from those better than me. I tend to use python and R for most of my dabbling and am getting to grips (or trying to) with Bayesian statistical computation.


Hello everyone, I'm Gene from the Philippines. I always get fascinated about almost everything in the tech world. I believe it is the place where the future is being built and being part of that motivates me.

Got here via an article that talked about getters and setters. ;)


I've been programming since I was 13 and currently work at the R&D department of a company that makes compilers.

I get paid for code I write in C++ which I'm not terribly fond of (python's nicer) but I'm alright with most languages. Whatever pays for beer and running shoes, I guess.


Hello everyone , I am Saad Ahmad. I am currently living in Dhaka and i am pursuing a career in data mining. I have learned different algorithms and data structures. For programming language i trying learn java as much as possible, i also have a very basic knowledge on python.
I have knowledge on web development(frontEnd,backEnd) DB connectivity and a little knowledge on software engineering and system analysis.
I hope i will learn from everyone here and also would be able to contribute


Hi there. I am an experienced software developer. My core skills center on visuals. So, 3D graphics - rendering, shading, GPU programming (Metal, GLSL) , and lots more 3D coolness - as well as data visualization -D3, JS, etc.

My focus is now shifting to blockchain, cryptocurrency, smart contracts, etc. I would like to find a way to use my visual programming skills in this space.


Hey everyone - My name is Jon, and I've been a professional software engineer for about 5 years. Before that, I was in college and graduate school for computer science and mathematics. I'd really like to start blogging this year, and get more involved in the tech community, so I joined the CNC2018 project. From there, I heard about dev.to and it seems like a great place to read, write, and get and give support! Looking forward to working with you all :)


Hi guys, my name is Nando, from Italy.
I'm an old developer (aged 65, retired) but I'm yet studying a way for generating business apps with a declarative approach; the boilerplate code should be generated and integrated by few user code.
I'm oriented toward an all-javascript solution (Nodejs on server, Vue on client) and an Event Sourcing paradigm implementation; I've come here following a search about blockchain, that I would use as event store.
Please excuse my poor English, I've not studied it at school.
Have nice days


Hi everyone :)
I'm Alex, a software engineer and jazz musician from Italy.
I fell in love with web development 10 years ago. Back then, I started with LAMP and plenty of JS/Node, but now I'm into Python and serverless architectures (mostly on AWS).
I love exploring new technologies and sharing my passion with colleagues and friends 🙌


Hi Everyone, I'm Adam, I consider myself a JavaScript guy. I love nodejs and browser based apps.

I also co-host a podcast about board games (ofdiceandmen.ca), and have a Kevin Bacon number of 3.


Hi !
My name Farel and I just got my CS degree in India but I'm from Congo Brazzaville .
I'm a beginner in the field but already madly in love with it . Been programming since 2015 now and have worked mostly on web development (python , java and all the front-end tools used by a dev), data structures ( which fascinates on a day-to-day basis ) & system administration on *nix operating systems .
Apart from programming my hobbies are : Running , learning , Music (reggae & ska) and seeking new adventures .
Great to be part of the community and can't wait to meet new folks .


Hi all - I'm Takeshi "Oldwave" Miyakawa aka じょりちょこ(Jorichoko).
I'm enjoying programming over 37 years. I write BASIC, Z80, Pascal, C, AWK, Perl, Ruby, Scheme, Emacs Lisp, Common Lisp, Smalltalk, C++, sml/nj, Java, Objective-C, JavaScript, PHP, OCaml, Haskell, Clojure, Scala, Kotlin, Rust.
Current favorite is Clojure. I'm working in Security Operation Center in ISP and I'm designing and implementing Security Analysis Environment for Security Analysts.


Hi all! I'm Sebastian, Tech Lead for the SVCS team at Wayin. Been in the industry for many years but never got into meet-ups or communities. It's about time I surfaced from the glow of my iMac and met some new people and shared (and borrowed!) some knowledge.


Hi, I'm Bruno and i am a IT consultant who works as a Developer.
I work mainly with Databases and older applications written in C#.
I'm here to get tips about how to boost my productivity and also to learn more about JAVA/Javascript and also about Web development, has i also have a personal project in web development.


Hi everyone. I’m a programmer and co-founder of Firmhouse. We’re a Dutch company that help large companies innovate and launch new products and propositions by using principles of experimentation and iteration. Last year was a very “business-heavy” year for me, where my CTO role got backgrounder a bit. I’m now picking up again on tech, programming and growing our development team and the technologies we use. Part of this change is that I started blogging and contributing to open source projects again. For this reason, very interested in participating in this community too. Looking forward to it :)


Hello everyone! My name is Luis, I'm 26 years old. I'm originally from Dominican Republic but I've been living in Florida, United States for about 10 Years and mostly working in a field very different from Programming or Software development but I've always been passionate about technology and computer language so I recently started studying Android Apps Development and I started looking for Websites that would help me learn new skills and came across this Website 😁 seems a nice place to gain and share knowledge!


Hi everyone ! my name is Tornike,
I'm form Tbilisi, Georgia,
working on java and little bit on web development,
seeking best opportunity to prove my skills and knowledge,
And to meet new people ^


Hello everyone, I'm Ahmed Hussein a Front End Developer, I work with react,react native and flexbox in styling to build cross mobile interfaces, and I am trying to learn the rest of the stack, GraphQL, Apollo, Redux and I have a lot of passion for CSS and animation, so I have a lot to learn, I am doing my best to keep working towards my goals and dreams, so wish me good luck, glad to join the community. :))


Hello, I am Omar from Algeria, I started my journey in Android development I have a lot of ideas want to make them a reality, ideas that solves critical problems in my local community, I also teach the concepts I learned so far since no one has taken the advantage to brings this whole thing to my hometown. I'm looking forward to learn from you and have fun Dev Community.


Hi everyone ! I'm Paul and I really love the web, i'm currently working mainly with PHP but i love to try new things everyday. I work for a society in Grenoble, France.
My hoobies are drumming and snowboarding.
I'm happy to join the community today!


Hello to all the hardworking fingers out there. I'm Chris and it's good to be here, found dev.to via an article from one of y'all so thumbs up. I'm a web developer, Vanilla always. I'm in love with doing everything with the web hence the PWA is currently my main crush, even my calculator is pwa, I'm the founder of Vrixe, vrixe.com (we'll be fully out by March) and I recently started playing with Tessel 2 just cus it's a JavaScript micro controller and yes I love Node.js. I'm here to read really so please post and hit me up if you have something you think I'll love to read. Nod nod


Hi folks, i am Sam. I love javascript and all the technologies related to it. I am professionally a frontned developer currently working in Drupal for Axelerant technologies. I like to build new and crazy stuff. I am moving towards becoming a fullstack developer and hope to learn and follow the great minds through this community.


Hi, From India. A Linux sys admin and now into a devops role - into Linux for more than 1.5 decades. Passionate about open-source.
Looking forward to learn/discuss/study on many tech topics - including security, latest trends, cloud.
Particularly interested in AWS exam prep as short goal and Security is an ongoing passion.
And of-course ..many todo's on my list - python is one of them :)


Hi I'm Ajay. Javascript enthusiast by day, sound designer by night.
I work as a front end dev in a company called Quintype.
I've been looking to be properly inducted into a dev community to have discussions on performances and all things dev for a while.
Got to know about dev.to from a colleagues laptop sticker (who would've thunk!).
Glad to be here and look forward to writing and reading useful stuff. :)


Hello, I'm Mickey.

I am interested in many topics about front end development.

Right now I am pretty much into Elm (at the end of a 'beginner' journy) and ReasonML (just starting to learn it).

Also interested in Elixir on the back end (very much a beginner).

Got here following an introduction to Webpack 4.


Hi there!I'm Anna who is a inspiring Graphic Artist, love web development always interested in learning something new recently I've conquered the following languages HTML,CSS,Bootstrap, Jquery,JavaScript, SASS, etc currently learning react and d3.
Also got my frontend certificate from FreeCodeCamp just few weeks ago!


Hello everyone, My name is Vaibhav Dwivedi. I am a student 👨‍🎓 and a big time geek. I love frontend as well as backend development. I have quite some knowledge of C,C++,C#, java, JS etc. I am learning react as of now because then i will be building apps on it with augmented reality!


Hi, my name is Xing. I got my Bachelor's and Master's degrees in Computer Science from MIT. Previously, I worked at Microsoft and Zynga. Currently I am the Co-Founder of Moesif (moesif.com), an API analytics (and Machine Learning) company. Even though we are a startup, we already process billions of API events at scale. We build our systems using Javascript (of course) for the front-end and Scala for the back-end, using a lot of tools and libraries like Docker, Docker Swarm, Spark, Hadoop, Kafka, Logstash, etc.


Hi, my name is Eliezer

I'm a Java fan. I like to break the stigma that has given the enterprise world to Java and give to know frameworks, technologies, and features that make it an awesome language. I hope to be useful for all.


Hi all! My name is Ewald van Veen. I live in The Netherlands and I'm learning more and more about CSS (Grid!) and JavaScript these days, hopefully to find a job as a web developer in the future.

One of my goals for 2018 is to blog more about stuff I'm working on, so hopefully I can contribute to this community and meet some new people :-).


Hi all! My strange and not regular name is Drozerah, I’m the kind of curious person always trying to discover the hidden part of reality or things. As first part of my earth trip I became a scientist in chemical stuff, then a musician who turned to be an independent journalist, pushed to the web side of the information production story, which is the place where I started HTML/CSS/JQuery coding since 2010 in the open source way of thinking... Last year I decided to go deeper into vanilla JS with the realistic goal to reach a full stack state of myself with my new friends Node.js, Nosql DB and so one... Pride to be here with you as a French developer to improve and get new skills!


Hello Friends,

My self Falguni Ganatra. I am the Founder and MD of eBizTrait Technolabs – A Mobile Application Development Company. I have total 11+ years’ experience in IT. Working in PHP, specialized in Mobile Apps, Shopify, BigCommerce, Prestashop, Magento, Zend, Drupal & core PHP.


Hey all! I'm Daniel a recent college graduate and currently employed Software Engineer working with React, Scala and a whole bunch of APIs! Been a long time lurker on dev.to and hoping to help contribute by sharing some of my own projects and experiences on here over the coming days :-)


Hey there. I'm currently finishing up school as a CS major with Web Dev/Design emphasis. I was brought here after I found an article describing something in better detail than I had been able to find elsewhere (using the fetch API with async/await in JavaScript, rather than the typical promises I had been taught in class). I look forward to gaining a better understanding from all y'all.


Hey all!

I'm Darryl, I've been developing for over a decade now (time really does fly). For the entire duration, I've been freelancing do satisfy my entrepreneurial spirit! I do the bulk of my work on the UI but consider myself a javascript dev. Worked with a lot of big and small companies, and started a few things myself. Nowadays I want to get more into sharing knowledge. I've been a long time lurker and now figured I'd contribute :)


Hey everybody!!

I'm Jeff and I have always been a creator of sorts at heart. I've been gearing to create with code, and with several false starts, here I am, back at it. I find that following the #100daysofcode really helps me stay on track.

I have been learning Python. I've tried C and C++, but fell in love with Python as soon as I starting coding in it.

I have created some cool projects that I have worked on alongside my training; an NPC Generator for an rpg called Mythic Hero, as well as a combat game that utilizes the NPC generator. I will continue to work on these all throughout my training and beyond.

My favorite way to learn is by doing. I can only read so much, or watch so many videos before I've got to get my hands dirty.

Anyways, happy to be here. Happy coding everyone!! :)


Hi! I'm Ernesto, from the north of Mexico.
I just graduated from college but I've been working in software development for a year in my current job, mostly on web, and another year and a half in web development with CMSs like WordPress, Joomla and such.
Been reading dev.to for a while but I just decided to log in.
Looking forward to learn from everyone around here.


Hi, everyone. I noticed that I kept coming to dev.to over and over again for months so I created a profile, but I still don’t know what am I doing here. I guess I’m trying to get better at Python. Cheers!


Hi! Almer here.

Not entirely sure how I got here but so far I'm having fun with the site.

Currently working with the Serverless framework for AWS. Also, been using a lot of Apache Spark before I got into deep web development, career-wise. But hoping to get even deeper with both web and ML / AI.

Mostly here to be able to connect to people aside from my peers. Cheers!


Hello, all.

I'm a Front End Dev & UI Designer, working for Zalando in Dublin, Ireland.

I really really really love building UIs with Node and React and have recently been obsessing over building React component libraries that can be kept in sync with Sketch libraries and the amount of room to improve productivity tools for designers & developers.

My github profile is available here: github.com/markmur - and will feature a lot more work soon when I get around to open-sourcing it.

My website is available here: markmurray.co - it was built with React and Firebase and the code can be found here github.com/markmur/markmurray.co for anyone interested.


Hi friends, family and fellow star flakes.

Im a big web geek. I write JS and build react apps. I aim to grow into a professional, one-stop shop full-stack web app developer.

Lets learn, laugh and grow together!


Hi. I'm mostly a front-end developer, with a design background and some back-end experience.

At the moment I work full-time as a senior interactive developer for a creative agency in London, and have been working with web development for 9 years - for agencies and as a freelancer. I work most of the time with JavaScript (Vanilla JS, ES6, NodeJS, React) and CSS/Sass. Most experienced developing websites, some experience with webapps, games and other mostly interactive/creative stuff.

I am looking into expanding into new territories, like doing more server-side work, learning data-science, machine learning/deep learning, blockchain and smart contracts. I know some Python which I find really cool.

I also love music and work as a professional guitar player (mostly jazz but other stuff too).

That's it!


Hi, I'm Benito, I found Dev.to, because a lot of people is writing very interesting articles =) ...I work as a software developer, I write code mostly in ruby, I am from México =)... and I try to play the trumpet =)


Hi, my name is Charles, I love coding and solving problems. When I was a kid, I always try to fix things that got spoilt even if I don't know how to do it, yeah!! "It ended up in the trash". I focus more on backend development but recently I started learning React Native. I spend most of my time on the internet reading articles and blogging.


Hello all - I'm Abed, I graduated last spring as a Computer Engineer Bachelor. I'm from Russia though I grew up in Lebanon (Middle East). I've been into Dev world since I was in school when VB6 was pretty new. And since then I've been learning and wandering. During these years I shifted interests several times from Low Level Pic Assembly, to Desktop Apps (VB.net), to Linux bash and python, to virtualization, and lately I'm into freelancing and into web and mobile development. And I aim to become a software architect in the next few years, until I gather the right pieces and gain enough experience :)

I have found the practicalDev from its facebook page couple weeks ago and since then I'm here everyday. I find it interesting, eye opening, and fun here. and I hope I can be a part of this great community :)


Hey everyone, I'm Karan from India. I am 16 years old. I love to code and I've been coding for two years from now. I've built games that reached a million download and yeah, I am good at managing servers, developing a website from ground up. I hack websites and report them to the webmaster (sometimes even play with those :P)

Really happy to meet you guys and would love to board-in on this journey. Meet ya'll soon :wink:


Hi ! I'm Leonardo !
Im from Buenos Aires, Argentina and im currently studying .NET
Im working on IT in a swiss company called "Just".
And also im freakin love all kind of music (good músic, of course).
Thank you for allowing me to join!


Hello all.

I'm studying for an MA in data journalism and still struggling to get to grips with coding. I'll be learning Python over the next few months and hoping that it will help me find a way in to this world. Jonny


Hello everyone!
My name's Alex and I'm currently working on API/Applications maintenance for a Czech company (mostly using Oracle SQL, Weblogic, Apache and so on). I've started coding a little for some work projects (I'm coming from a Humanistic background), so using some shell scripting, VBA, PHP, JS (some Java as well but had to abandon it for the moment).
Learning a lot while doing it, I've got the taste of it and liked to continue this way, it's quite fun!
I hope to learn even more from the community!


Hi I'm Husnain Aslam, an Android App, Web & Blockchain Developer having 5 plus years of extensive hands-on experience in Object Oriented Programming, Database Design and Implementation using Agile & UML. Pro in Yii2 PHP Framework, Android App Development, MYSQL & a Blockchain enthusiast.


I'm Terrie from Zimbabwe. Recently decided to go for my long time love - code, so I'm learning PHP in my spare time. Currently working as a System admin, but looking for a shift to something more in line with my interests. Great to be part of a community of developers.

I really suck at front-end though.....


Hey everyone, I'm Perry, pretty new to development and live in Washington DC.

I really like interactive front end stuff - especially music and game related. Right now I'm pretty pumped on Javascript, CSS, React/Redux, and Tone.js. A coworker recommended dev.to and it seems really cool. Excited to see some cool code and meet people!


Thanks for the warm welcome. My name is Diego and I like to program mainly towards data science, that is R and Python. Seeing the topics of interest, I feel like there'll be plenty of material that I will grasp from this site.



Hello dev world!! I am rutuja. I mostly
do java backend and android for work. Now
I have started learning javascript/ typescript for front end, PWA stuff. I love the way technology touches our life and want to be active part of it.


Hi, my name is Ante.
I'm living and working in Croatia. I mostly work on .Net framework and Sql server databases with occasional projects in Angular. Hope to learn unit testing and TDD and maybe make some Android app...


Hello everybody,

It's great to have such a community where developers can meet, discuss, and share their experience. Developing software can sometimes be a lonely journey, this kind of community is the place we can feel again that software development is about about people collaborating and working together.


Hello All, I'm Marty. Have been working for ages, have Master's in CS but have been downsized. Enrolled into the Coding Bootcamp at UNC at Chapel Hill and absolutely love it. Soaking up all new technology (especially Full Stack) like a dry sponge.
Wondering what the future will bring!!


Hi, everyone. My name's Noelle. I go by Noey, but you can call me either one. I'm about a year away from achieving my Bachelor's of Science in Information Technology, and I've been dipping my toes into the world of coding/development for about the past year or so. I recently joined Code Newbie's 2018 #BlogMore challenge, so I thought this would be a great platform to carry that out on. :)


Hello everyone my name is Kingsley from Nigeria and i'm exited to share and gain knowledge from this great community. I am so passionate about the web frontend and backend and would be sharing my some views about the web.


Hello ...

My name is Ted Fernandes. I have a degree in Computer Engineering and Telecommunications, with a career in network administration, installation and networking configuration services, IT project management and programming.

I like to write. So I created this blog: tfsolucoes-tecnologicas.com/ to share my knowledge and write about some activities that have been a great challenge for people in my area.

I also write about common interests and curiosities in the world of technology.

I would be grateful to receive you on my website.

So, I am here to receive and share knowledge. THANKS


Hello Dev community!

Hello, my name is Amogh Singhal and I like to learn new technologies and make things that can change the world for good. I write in JavaScript, CSS, Python, and Ruby. I also can speak to databases and make servers do stuff. I like working on scalability, performance, design, and great user experiences. I am glad to be a part of this community. Looking forward some great conversations !


hello everyone, I am a civil engineering student and have been learning coding since i was in 8th grade, it like it i have joined this place to master this art and science and combine it with my civil engineering studies.my real name is Dev(it really is dev) Kumar, so u can consider i was a born "dev"eloper.


Hi everyone - I'm Vítor Roque, I'm from Brazil and that community was taken my attention! I like study about web develop, JS; Node.js, PHP and much other. Then it's so gret to stay here in that community!


Hello, world! My name is Wadson and I'm a front-end developer. I'm currently experimenting with ReactJS/Redux, CSS Grid, and CSS Flexbox. I've worked with Promises before but I have not built any big stuff. Just a couple of trivial apps to make sure I understand what I learned. I learning as much as I can to get my first job in the field and also thinking to start a company.


My name is Marko Jovanovic, always liked computers and technology but never time to seriously sit down ant study it. In college right now (maritime engineering), so everything i learned about Web-Development is from various PDF files and some youtube haha (very professional i know right). After reading this article dev.to/samjarman/how-to-build-an-o... i decided to create an account here so yeah thats about it.


Hi guys Im hiro.
Im a senior student majoring information technology in Japan.
Recently I use Python for my research.
Im not good at english and dont have high programming skills but I want to share tips!

and, dev.to is so fast!!! Im really excited :D


Hello everyone! My name is Tarik and I come from Bosnia and Herzegovina. Almost done with my studies and going strongly for the degree! However, for almost two years now I'm in Web Development business. I've a portfolio that holds roughly 10 websites and web applications combined, not counting the amateur logo's and web designs.
Currently I'm under a remote contract with an IT company where I mostly do websites, which is, at the moment of writing, becoming dull. I also teach two courses (WordPress and HTML/CSS) locally in my town (Mostar!) and freelancing on Upwork.

I knew about dev.to for some time now, but I just realised that I need a group of people helping me get out of this slump!
I want to start doing my own applications, but you know how it is when you're student and you want to make make money so you can SPEND money (wink). Kidding aside, I'm working mostly because I love it, but also because I enjoy having my money. All of this doesn't give me the time to work on something I'm really attracted to.
This started as a introducing post, but ended up as a confession :) I just feel that I could share this here with you.

Hoping to hear some advices or suggestions from kind community like this one (:

Greetings from sunny Mostar!


Hi All,
I am Abanoub. I am from Egypt. I love to CODE and BLOG. I love to share explain-ings by blogging, and share source code by github-ing :)
I am a developer of Android using Java, PHP as a backend web dev, and html, css as frontend dev.
I code and blog daily <3 I love to be on dev.to community <3

My Tech Blog [in Arabic] is abanoubhanna.com


hellowww! 👋 My name is Anta I'm a full stack web dev currently living in Paris!


Welcome from the States! @damcosset is the first French dev I think of here 👋


Hi!- my name is Dimitris and i entered this community to learn and accomplish my goal to be a developer.Longterm goal is full stack developer and make a living from it.I also join here to make new friends and hear the latest news in development.


Hi, i am James from Kenya started coding seven months ago currently learning python (flask and Django) and the experience is awesome. Joined Dev.to so as to get support from you guys as I continue with my learning experience.Happy to be part of Dev!!!


Hi, everyone. Having had a career in advertising (mostly digital) as a producer and project manager, and having worked with some amazing developers, I've realized I want to make a change and get my hands dirtier, and start building some things.

I've got some background with RoR, HTML, CSS, JS, and am about to embark on a Computer Science program over the next 6 months where I'll be deep diving into UI, JavaScript, React, Python, Django, and C (among others). Pretty stoked to start working on this side of the fence, and glad I found y'all!


Hi all! I am Hugo, I am a professional C++ developer, especially in Qt development, and a Go language beginner. I was brought by a article named "Face Detection in Go using OpenCV and MachineBox" which was introduced by GoCN Daily email.I am working about consensus of block chain. I hope I can get latest technology information around block chain and help someone in need.


Hi all, I'm Temmy. Now I work as a Developer for Microsoft Dynamic CRM. Just go here to update my skill, read another up to date technologies, and tips and trick for programming especially javascript. My target this year is to learning Single Page Application Framework. Still not decided which one to learn. Any suggestion?


Hi, I'm Clara. I'm still studiying a degree in multimedia engineering. I love web and app development but I'm still very new.
I have skills in JavaScript(I make a pair of Jobs with d3.js and c3.js not my favourite things), HTML, CSS, JAva and Python.


Hi, I'm Daniel, I'm from Dominican Republic and I found this website a great community for coding lovers. I'm a Junior Developer with skills on Java, JSF and Java Frameworks, but I'm training on Frontend Frameworks like Angular and React.js.


Hello All, It's nice to be part of this community. My name is Alen and I am from Croatia. Currently I work like junior web developer in Rijeka (City in Croatia). Love to learn JS and all technologies related to the web platform. I have read a lot of good posts on this site and I want to be part of the story. Cheers!


HI Everyone!
My name is Tafsir Ony.I'm currently studying CS and living in Dhaka, Bangladesh.
I'm deeply getting myself in technology.I want to be full stack dev & walking for it.I've also interest in Robotics, IOT.Last year I've Won 4 competitions.Two Hackathons and Two Robotics Championship.
Hope I can learn so much stuffs from you guys.


Hello Devs, I am Kaivalya Apte a.k.a Kv. I am a Software Engineer at Zalando. Great to join this amazing platform.

My Blog : geeknarrator.com/
Connect with me on Linkedin : linkedin.com/in/kaivalya-apte-2217...



Hey Guys!

I'm Laurent (from Paris/France). I'm an "old" developer (42) and have 19 years of experience in programming and engineering: Linux, Perl, PHP (started with PHP 2), Javascript, Cloud architecture (AWS) and lot of more stuffs.

I love that and I'm still learning. Actually, I'm working on NodeJs and React Native and I have one hundred projects with these technologies.

To be honest, I completly stopped to work with CSS, HTML and JS frontend. We can't know everything ;-) !

I have already read couple of articles from dev.to.
Whaooo! Good job!

See ya!


Hello Everyone, I'm Madhusudhan. I feel happy to join here. Now I can discuss and get more motivation from other developers. My question is I often feel afraid to tell others what I'm coding? and even in online communities! So finally asking with a lot of courage...How can I face my imposter syndrome?


Hello all! I’m Arjun and I just recently got introduced to the world of Jacascript and I guess, programming in general as well. Looking forward to learning from you all and contributing to this community!


Hi my name Ahsan Jamal.
I am a software developer currently working on NodeJs, React and AngularJs as well. I love to learn new technologies irrespective of the platform. My main areas of interest are Web,IOT, AI, Blockchain and System Administration. My hobbies are reading and video games. My latest project was Augmented Reality based desktop application using Unity and C#. My goal is to create a full digital community where everything is done digitally without having to rely on any third party to solve particular task.
Great to meet you all :) :)


Hi all, this is Abhishek. I saw a twitter post about this platform. I am interested in anything tech related. Currently, my life revolves around Python which I use at work as well as for any fun project outside of work. I am learning more about Cloud Computing as well as using it at work.

I am here to learn more about new things in software development as well as interact with developers. I am hoping to contribute as much to open source this year. So, ping me if you have any projects that you want some help with or want to collaborate on.

I am also open for new job opportunity.


Hey there! I'm Chris, and I love to code. I just graduated from college and getting my career started in Web Development, working on web apps and websites. I geek out over Javascript, CSS, and anything web related. I also geek out over parallel computing concepts and multithreaded applications. When i'm not coding you can usually find me playing board games with friends, or reading a good book at a coffee shop. Looking forward to meeting some new people here!


HI all- I am chiranjeevi, I am beginner to learn JavaScript and other web development project.


Welcome chiranjeevi! DEV is a great place to learn javascript :)


Hi! I'm piece(not my real name of course :D). I love how the web has developed and gotten into the head of ours. Waiting for it to take its toll.


Hello everybody,
I am a MEAN Stack developer, and I am here to learn more exciting stuff from others.
Looking forward to reaching new devs and pros here.


I'm Ngoc, I'm new in Web design and I want to increase my skill in this field. Nice to meet you.


Hai hai, I am Sony AK from Jakarta, Indonesia


I'm writing this comment so Ben Halpern replies to it....lol jk
My name is Filip...Hi to you all!


hi myself sagar kaurav and i am a backend developer


Hi all, i'm a web developer from Vietnam and work in Japan.
I'm new in dev.to :D


Hey, my name is Auguste and i’m a dev which likes messing around with the hottest, newest technologies. I don’t know many devs so it’s great to join a big community! Great to meet you all!


Hi, I'm Tazwar. I am excited about new technology. I saw some interesting articles shared in facebook. So, I thought to bring myself here.


Hi everyone!
I'm Alfonso, it's really nice to be here. I'm studying software engineering and actually starting with interesting projects. I hope to learn a lot of this community and contribute it.


Hey guys! My names Scott and I’m currently going to College and graduating in may. Just looking to stay current in CS and learn. Glad to be here! =]


Hey, I'm Sujit and very passionate for finding BUGs in Web app and contributing in the UI/UX so that your application gets Loved by Customers


Hi I'm Manik Chugh, fresh into development. I like to design and I'm into front end web development.


Hello :)

I’m Tom! Im a designer and developer with my current work lying in and amongst frontend decelopment, MVC frameworks and UI. Nice to meet you all!


Hello everybody, my name is Bonginkosi, from Soweto, South Africa.
I am junior mobile developer(Android, ionic framework) I have also developed a few CMS in javascript, bootstrap and HTML5.


Hi everyone, I’m Selvam and I am developing mobile apps for iOS and Android. Interested in front end developer stuff and love JavaScript. Models in JavaScript post pull me here.


Hi, I'm Batuhan. Currently learnig Javascript and SQL. Loved the speed of the site.



I’m Tom, I’m a designer and developer with my day-to-day experience lying in and amongst frontend development, MVC frameworks and UI. Nice to meet you all!


Hello everyone, i'm Alessandro. I'm learning python for data analysis and visualization for academic purposes. I like programming in general, though i'm a beginner.


Hello all, I am Alessandro and I am a remote Java web developer.
I am interested in lifelong learning, self-improvements, sports and nature


Hi guys, I'm a software architect living in the Netherlands, have been working in software development for 10 years (started as a backend developer). Great to meet everyone


Hi there..
I am Nilesh. I am a programmer. I want to become a passionate pragmatic programmer. I am very excited to be here. Thanks guys..


Hello everyone, I'm Tiago. I'm a Computer Science student @ IST, Lisbon. I'm looking forward to learn more about cyber security and software development. Feel free to send me a message :)


Hello everyone. I used to build houses until the economic downturn. I went to school for programming in 2010 and haven't looked back.

Big fan of Dev.to.


Hi, I'm Rodrigo, I'm graduating in software engineering and a I love to share knowledge! (:


Hi, I was just reading about the speakers at the next rails conf and this site's founder is one of them. Thought I would check it out.


Hi my name is Julian, I'm 23, I programmed for 6 or 7 years in several programming languages, C, C ++, JAVA, PHP, SQL but finally I decided to specialize in JavaScript. i discovered dev.to on twitter


Hi my name is Julian, I'm 23, I programmed for 6 or 7 years in several programming languages, C, C ++, JAVA, PHP, SQL but finally I decided to specialize in JavaScript. I discovered dev.to on twitter


Hi all i am Konwo Lorentz, i was looking for cool stickers and i fell here.hahhahaha


Hi i'm Cris from Italy, i love Js , react and css. I'm freelance , thanks for this community .


Hi, I'm Mile web dev, currently stuck with WordPress, learning Symphony FW.

I'll write about my experience and try to give the best practices and advice in doing it.

Have a great day every1


Hello everyone :)
I'm Berkan and i love to learn how to create a website. I am on the path of learning web development and sometimes i like to blog. So here i am :)


Hi all, I am Madhumitha from India. Working as a UI developer, with technologies like Angular, CSS, TS.. I want to learn more in the frontend space. Great to meet many devs here.


Hello everyone,

We are here to share and gain some knowledge of mobile application world.


Hi my name is Edwin. Am proficient in java and php and currently learning nodejs


Hey Guys! I am Veena , want to learn more about cloud technologies,docker,chef.
Hope to learn a lot from all.


Hi all, I've been involved in computer science research by my dad. When I was 7 we were coding with him some music and arts for zx spectrum. Does anyone remember this?


Hi am Adonis, i love react and backend developpement. It is nice to join the community.

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