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Hi all - I'm Melissa and I really love the web! I get excited about CSS and web animation and all the things frontend! I'm working currently at as a frontend dev at an agency in right smack in the middle of the US. There aren't a ton of other devs out this way, so it's great to meet some new folks!


Hi Guys My name is Muhammad
I am currently studying CS and living in NY
My stack is Python C++ and JavaScript
I have worked with MEAN stack in the past
My hobbies included cycling, photography or learning something
I am currently working on Image Recognition App and Teaching Full Stack Web Development
I am actively looking for summer internships
I love to use dev.to for me its great place to ask questions and I found dev.to using twitter


Hi, my name is louise. I am new in programming field. Recently, I have been delving into micro:bit programming. I want to learn more while sharing my micro:bit program with you. Hope you will like me!


Yay! I found dev.to from the CNC2018 first mission for the blog more track that I am on. I am surprised I hadn't found it before - what a great set of resources.

  • I live in Japan, just south of Tokyo
  • I am an indie developer with ongoing iOS app and web projects
  • My biggest project this year is a service for gifting - I am using react and redux for front end, node and mongodb for back end with a little help from about a million packages and services
  • I have a goal to publish 12 apps (broadly defined) in 12 months in 2018

12 apps in 12 months?? Excellent!! :)

That is almost like the #1GAM Challenge that I read about. You create 1 game in 30 days, and you keep going; so that would be 12 games a year. :)

Creating is such fun isn't it? :)


12 apps in 12 months?!?! Wow - that's a great goal!
Best wishes :)


Good luck with the goals. It's my first time on the site and it definitely looks interesting.

I'm working in react and redux as well. (Love your gh handled :D)


Hello! Name's Mike. Currently working in Finance and trying to escape into JavaScript development! Been learning for about 6 months in my spare time. Lots of python and html/CSS before that - Django and such. Now I'm thoroughly enjoying mongodb, express, react/redux, and docker. Dabbling a bit in react-native, but might hold off until I can add more to my portfolio.

Find me on github, check out my website (mctdev.org), give me some tips! I'm full steam ahead on improving and starting my career in development.


Hi everyone, my name is Andrea. I'm a psychology student from Lima, Perú. Yes, maybe my career it's not directly related to the programming field, but I consider it one of my new hobbies, just like graphic design. I hope this year I can learn so much about HTML, Java, Python and CSS.

I'll keep searching online courses! See you!


Hola Andrea!

There are lots of people with all sorts of backgrounds in dev.to like you :)

I've taken a few online courses at Udacity for web Front End Development, Java and Android already and I found them to be quite fun. Even tho they offer paid courses, you can filter them in the Catalog section to only show you the Free ones so you can have a taste of how they teach.


There's github.com/prakhar1989/awesome-cou..., which is not comprehensive, but might help you get going in fields you might be interested in.


Howdy! Have been coding since 2000 and I've not grown bored yet. It's more than a hobby for me; it's how I earn my living. Aside from coding, my other hobbies include raising chickens, camping, fishing and kayaking.


Hi everyone! My name is Chris McKay. I've been in the industry since 1999. I've been in my current full-time job for nearly seven years. For that work I currently work in Java, ColdFusion, Angular and a little React. It's fun and I enjoy working there.

In my spare time I'm managing my mobile business. I've been doing that since 2004. It would definitely be my passion project. Currently I'm working on major software updates for my Android, Windows and server-side components. Hopefully soon I'll be deploying to iOS and MacOS.

Outside of development I enjoy spending time with my family. I also love playing video games, reading and just being outside.

I've only recently found dev.to, but I'm enjoying most of the articles here. It's nice finding others who share some of the same passions I do.


Even though we're growing fast, we're pretty new. A lot of folks only recently found us.


Hey all, I am John Kagga, I love backend development. I am a Python + PhP dev. Being developing a few Backend systems. I recently fellow in Love with ReactJs and I am liking it. I am from Kampala-Uganda. I almost forgot I am an Android dev too, I like mobile development with a passion. Lastly, I like writing. I have read a few articles from this site already, cannot wait to read more.


Welcome welcome welcome. So great to have you all!


Hello everyone! My name is Anita and I am from Norway. I started out learning HTML in my teens, then later some C++, this year learning CSS. I have made several pure CSS images on codepen and else been making calculators and small games with Python (and a little JS). I am focusing on learning Python now. I am so happy for finding online courses and turtorials as they are SO helpful to me on my journey to become a software developer/Game Programmer as that is what I desire to be. Looking forward to hear from you guys!


Hi. Briefly->
name: "Samuel A. Adetoro",
occupation: "Software developer",
languages: "Java, PHP, Javascript",
platforms: "Web, Android",
OS : "Windows, Linux"
animes: "Naruto, Bleach, Samurai X",
hobbies: "Long Walks(super speed)",
fields_of_interest: "Data Analytics, AI",
side_jobs: "Social Media Strategist"
social_media: {twitter: "@big_black_fella " }
extra: "Currently working with finnacial Institution"


What a style for introduction :)


Welcome Adetoro, nice to meet you what great presentation, looking forward to learn from you so far.


Hey all - This is Zainab. I am from Egypt, living in the lovely costal city Alexandria. I have been working as web designer for over 8 years yet my true passion is front-end development and hoping one day I could shift my career entirely to front-end. Looking forward to more knowledge sharing with you guys!


Hello all, I am Obinna a backend php developer using the awesome laravel framework, also use Javascript. I just had to register after reading an article by @inidaname , medium has been my go to for programming articles seems like I just found a developers version.


Howdy everyone! My name is Skylar! I hail from Atlanta GA and am a full stack developer with skill in:

Ruby/Ruby on Rails
and more!

I’m currently looking for a job with a company as a junior developer.


Hi Dev.to community!

My name is Ludvig, I just started web dev bootcamp at Ironhack in Miami. At the moment I'm getting my hands dirty with HTML, CSS , and JavaScript. I'm an entrepreneur who wants to learn about the the tech side of building a business. I hope to collaborate with others here on cool things!



I've been a passive observer of dev.to for a while now and I really love what I've seen. It's a great community and I'm happy to officially join.

The first website I built was in 1998 and I've been doing it ever since. I'm now the CEO of Sitecast and we have a full spectrum of web development tools available. It's been an exciting ride.

Hopefully, I'll find the time to write about my experiences and share my knowledge for newer devs.

Thank you for allowing me to join!



Hey All!

I am Manik and my blood group is Java :). I've been working with Java and related technologies for 10+ years. I am also a MuleSoft Certified Solutions Architect working as ESB Consultant. I love to Integrate systems, REST APIs, Testing and some writing on my sites JavaStreets and UnitTesters. I am here to learn more and interact with other awesome developers around.

So, Good to see you all!


Hey there! Welcome to dev.to!

Feel free to leave a comment if you have a question about how to use the site. We use Markdown for all things written.

Also, now that it's almost one month from the new year, what are some things you did that you wanted to do? Anything else you're wanting to do but blocked on? Let me know!


Hello everyone! Quite happy to be here. I'm a beginner, aspiring frontend developer. Already know some HTML and CSS. Also have read Kyle's 'You Dont Know JS' ;-) well that's about all.
Would love to learn enough to be able to start freelancing


Hi Anthony! This is late coming :) but good to see you around DEV. It's been awhile since you've written this post - are you still an "aspiring" frontend developer? Or are you now working in the field?


Hello, my name is Luis. I came to this forum via the posted Sandi Metz AMA on Twitter: dev.to/sandimetz/im-sandi-metz-ask...

Related to Sandi's work, my interest is in generative art and I'm currently going through the Propane source code (a Ruby wrapper of Processing). That project's creator lists both of Sandi's books as recommended reading.

My background is in graphic design. I went to art school but always have been interested in computers, programming and how they are leveraged for creative works. After hitting a few walls teaching myself to program over the years I took a Ruby bootcamp. I love Ruby as well as Lisp and using Emacs.


What's up, name is Zane, currently work as a sysadmin hoping to transition to a web dev role in the coming year or so. Pretty much have an interest in everything computer related or programming related, but focus is on full stack web dev.

I also love metal music, the outdoors, cartoons and batman :P


Hello, I am Jean-Christophe Helary.
Living in Japan, country side. A translator-localizer for about 20 years, on Mac stubbornly. I started a Mac for Translators blog 10 years ago and after a 6 years lapse I decided to resume working on it last September. I mostly talk about automation with a focus on translation related processes, but not only.

I learned basic on a Sinclair ZX81 a long time ago, then assembly on that same machine, then Pascal and Prolog on a university Amstrad CPC64 machines, then databases on FoxPro on Windows 3.1, then HTML pretty much when the thing started. Then I stopped for a long while, and I restarted learning with AppleScript and hopefully Lisp and a few other things in the years to come.

I discovered dev.to thanks to CNC2018:more blog. It looks like a nice place.


Hello! My name's Steve, and it's been years since my last... Oh, wait. Wrong venue. I'm a programmer & writer based outside Toronto - Canada. Owner @ Alignsoft.com . Writer & Curator @ 365tomorrows.com ; a new SciFi flash fiction story daily. Coffee & solar powered. Working mostly in Angular 2 at the moment, trying to wrap my head around webpack.


👋 Hello friends!
I've been lurking for a few months, but finally decided to follow advice and come do an intro and participate in this community. I'm a Developer Advocate at Algolia and am obsessed with web performance. I love to find new creative ways to highlight data or bring projects to life that I randomly come up with whilst drinking wine. 🍷

I live in Denver, CO (woo, woo!) but travel a lot. Right now I've been doing JavaScript, JavaScript and oh hey, more JavaScript. I'll probably talk about that and other cool things I'm working on like DinosaurJS! Hit me up if you want to chat at all. Now that this post is done, I can officially say, I am not a cat. 😻


Hello World

  • I am a programmer.
  • My name is Sandesh Soni.

  • I am here to learn how to improve my productivity including IDE skills.

  • I write code in Ruby, Elixir and Reactjs

  • I am interested in chatbots, Single Page applications and SAAS

  • I work remotely from India.
    Its great to meet more folks here.


Hi, everyone! My name's Guillermo. (can either call me 'Memo' or 'Will', choose your poison)

I got here by chance and liked all the articles I read so far, so I decided to join.

I'm a python enthusiast, and I'm here for all the learning and meeting.

Let me know if I can be of assistance to anything or if you have any questions I can (maybe) answer.


Hi folks. My name is Odilon.
I'm currently a student at National Tsing Hua University in Taiwan.
I love web development (Symfony with PHP, Flask with Python, Ruby ...) and web security. I discovered dev.to on Facebook and I really enjoy reading your posts.
I hope I can learn more and interact with other developers here.


Hello! My name's Roberto Góngora but I kinda like being called Robert when I'm talking with english-speaking friends (I dunno, the 'o' sounds kinda weird to me in english)

I've been learning about web development since I was like 10 y/o, I remember grabbing my older brother's Club Nintendo magazines and reading about "how to make your own Mario Kart website!" -- they had basic HTML guides on how to create a <table> based website with the character selection screen.

Fast forward a few years (I'm currently 27 y/o) and I consider myself to be a full-stack PHP developer with some sysadmin knowledge (as of right now, being a sysadmin is my full-time job and I'm always learning new tricks).

I've been lurking around this site for a while now, I stumbled upon it while reading about the Ionic framework and PWA's and how this awesome site was the fastest one out there, and I was -amazed- by its speed, and now by its community.

I look forward to know more fellow devs and I'll try to lend a hand whenever I feel like I have enough knowledge about a topic!


Hi, I'm Markus from Austria working as Full Stack Web Dev at blue-tomato.com. Mostly I work with Node.js, PHP, MongoDB, MySQL and Redis in the backend and React, Bootstrap and yes jQuery und the frontend. A Co-Worker told me yesterday about dev.to to release an article about our SVG Primitives lazy loading project (live on blue-tomato.com/blue-world/) :-)

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