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Learning to code

There are lots of free resources available to start learning coding online.
Here are some to get you started.

    Learning to code:
  1. W3Schools
  2. FreeCodeCamp
  3. Taking it further:
  4. JavaTpoint
  5. GeeksforGeeks
  6. DEV Community
  7. Testing your knowledge:
  8. LeetCode
  9. HackerRank
  10. LinkedIn
  11. Asking for help:
  12. StackOverflow
  13. Extra:
  14. Udemy

Learning to code:

1. W3Schools


Reference website to learn about web technologies online. Learn about HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Python, SQL and much more. It also has a built in editor so you can play around with code without leaving the site.

2. FreeCodeCamp


An interactive web development learning platform. Learn about HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, Python, Algorithms, Data Structures, Node, jQuery, React, Python and much more. Also gives you a certification after completing a course.

Taking it further:

3. JavaTpoint


Read up on subjects like digital marketing, functional programming, AI, testing and much more.

4. GeeksforGeeks


Well explained articles related to computer science and programming.

5. DEV Community


This site. =)

Test your knowledge:

6. LeetCode


Try programming puzzles and get scored on runtime and memory usage.

7. HackerRank


Programming puzzles with certifications for topics like CSS, JavaScript, Problem Solving and much more.

8. Linkedin


LinkedIn is not only for looking for a new job, but also has a section where you can test your skills in several categories like Front End Development.

Need help:

9. StackOverflow


Question and answer website for programmers. When you get stuck, this is the next step after Googling.


10. Udemy


The only paid alternative in the list, Udemy is a course provider with videos on most topics. Some courses can be expensive, but most of them are available for a recurring discount of around €12.

Hopefully some of these will be of use to you.

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