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Clean up and remove a Python3 homebrew install

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tl;dr TIL pygame is broken using homebrew Python3, so I decided to wipe my shit and start from scratch. I figured I'd give you the quickness on what I did so next time this shit happens to someone, they have a handy reference.

TIL about pip freeze:

freeze  Output installed packages in requirements format.

Save the requirements to file if you want to quickly re-install everything you're about to remove.

pip3 freeze > requirements.txt
pip3 freeze | xargs pip3 uninstall -y

rm -rfv /usr/local/bin/python3*

Ok, time to install official Python3.

At this point you can do pip3 install -r requirements.txt to reinstall everything you uninstalled. I'm keeping my stuff cleaner for now ^_^!

To reiterate:

pip3 freeze > requirements.txt
pip3 freeze | xargs pip3 uninstall -y
rm -rfv /usr/local/bin/python3*
# Reinstall python3 here!
pip3 install -r requirements.txt

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Anthony Fields • Edited

Thanks! A note:
If you originally installed python3 via homebrew, you might also want to use

brew doctor

(and prior to homebrew version 1.9.0):

brew cleanup --prune

(or version 1.9.0+)

brew cleanup

(homebrew 1.90 deprecates prune in favor of just cleanup) detailed in the above mentioned link:

I'm new to the mac, and apparently I've made some sort of error. I've been learning python, via tutorials, and between Homebrew, Pip and XCode somehow my versions are all mixed. Pip3 points to python2, so all my python3 trials fail, etc...

I'm researching how to safely remove all versions…