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Recreating WORDLE in my Mother Tongue πŸ–₯πŸ‘…

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After the purchase of Wordle by New York Times, the game hit the sky with popularity more people started to play the game, each day and that developer showed us how a simple and common product can make game changing thing.
After seeing this hit, I just want to recreate Wordle but not in English instead I am going with my mother tongue, Tamil.


What is Wordle ?

It is Web based word game build by a software engineer, Josh Wardle. The Game is so simple. Each day a new five letter word will be available , you got six tries to find out the right word. If you haven't played give a try.



Getting back to our problem it would be easy as cloning the wordle in another language, if Tamil contains just 26 letters. But that's not the case. Tamil is one of the longest-surviving classical languages in the world. A recorded Tamil literature has been documented for over 2000 years. One of the greatest language of the world.

It consist of 247 letters with that, n number of words and meanings are possible. So the challenge is

  1. If you gave all 247 letters then the possibilities is limitless it wouldn't be easy to guess the correct answer.
  2. If you randomly pick the letters, then the chances of not framing a word is possible which we don't want.
  3. Validating the word whether it is actually word or not. challenge accepted


First , I started with back-end rest API which tells the given word is valid or not. For that I used Express JS.
Next the task is not to give all 247 Tamil letters instead give only particular 26 letter from which people can form many word.

I made a Tamil word-list from that random word will be selected which at least contain one letter from the main guess word this way people can be confused and letter from these words keep adding to list until the list length is 26.

Then the list is shuffled and it is represented as the keyboard. So now from 247 letters it has been reduced too 26 from which words can be made.

So when a person enters a word first it checks the inbuilt word-list whether it is valid or not if valid then it checks with answer else then it sends API call from that it acts accordingly.
Now the site is live on check it out.


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