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Prathamesh Sahasrabhojane ✔️
Prathamesh Sahasrabhojane ✔️

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Navigating through the Adventure

Hey there,
Here is the summary of my last 2 weeks in JULY.

The goal for this week was to add the dynamic URI's to the app and add some roles to the system. Along with that to add small features like back navigation.

Initially, I updated the structure of the project according to community inputs. Later, Some UI animations were fixed/removed.

Some features added during this period are -

✔️ URI based rendering.
✔️ Navigational buttons and permalink button.
✔️ Jump feature to switch stages dynamically.
✔️ External links handling.
✔️ pathMap roles and paths:
* Player Role.
* Artist Role.
* Basic contribution path.
* Documentation and i18 Role.

Pull Requests -

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