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Prathamesh Sahasrabhojane ✔️
Prathamesh Sahasrabhojane ✔️

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Designing the itinerary of the Adventure.

Hey there,
Here is the summary of 1st week of JULY 2020.


The goal of this week was to define the integration of JSON Maps with the design structure.


The static design is ready now. So, I decided to work on the core logic of this project. The intent behind this project is to make the new visitors familiar with the project and community. Everything on the frontend part is dependent on the logic under the hood. To make the journey meaningful, I worked on the PathMap module this week. Also, I added sass support to the project during this week.

Tasks Completed:

✔️ Added Sass as a style sheet language.
✔️ add central data extraction in the App component.
✔️ fixed typing effect error.
✔️ fixed styling issues.


Pull Requests -

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