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Prathamesh Sahasrabhojane ✔️
Prathamesh Sahasrabhojane ✔️

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[~]$ git init (AdventureSite)

Hey there 👋,
Hope you guys are doing well :) (& washing your hands 💧 👏 💧) So here is my new post from GSoC series, It sums up the 1st week of the GSoC Work Period.

Tasks I Did:

✅ Setup A New React Project

✅ Added dependencies

✅ Created a GitHub a Repository (Update - It's now in the Moving Blocks Organization)

✅ Translated the front-end [Html/css --> React jsx]

✅ Optimized styling and Replaced pure JS functions('s working) into jsx and stylsheets.

✅ Setup gh-pages (on origin repository)

✅ Implemented the basic Layout.

Post Type: Update.

Prathamesh (TheShubham99)

$ Ctrl+z

program exited with exit code 0 (0x0)

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