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As the title mentions, i will be starting the 100 days of code challenge during the period when my college has gone for an infinite shutdown. I will be laying out the rules in this challenge and i will try to follow them to the letter. I hope i am successful in this endeavour. I will be posting here everyday and also on twitter using the hashtag of 100 days of code.

As Geoff Stevens says in this blog post " Not everyone succeeds in completing the challenge. It takes determination, perseverance, and grit. Thoughtful planning plays a role, too."

I will be modifying the rules slightly to make use of my plenty of free time. I will state what i have changed below.As stated by Geoff in his blog the first and foremost tip for survival in this challenge is a public commitment. This shall be my public commitment . Another rule is that tutorials don't count as code. Code is should not be consumed but created. The rules state that if you miss a day it shall be added to the remaining days but it sets up a dangerous precedent for skipping days.

I will be coding for at least 4 hours a day from 10 p.m to 2 a.m. As mentioned previously, this does not include any tutorials. I will be maintaining a regular journal with my progress report of each day. I will be starting this challenge from the 30th of March , 2020. 

Another important point about this challenge is burnout. Many aspiring developers try to code too much during the early days and end up quitting midway. This challenge is for increasing your patience, resilience, determination and most importantly, your coding skills. 

I have a rough idea of the coding skills i want to achieve mastery in but i will be uploading a detailed plan soon. 

Till the next time, Ciao !

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I am Arnav , an engineering student hailing from Mumbai.

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I'm an engineering student. I'm interested in coding.


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Good luck! Does this challenge have a specific set of languages you can use or can you use any language?


There are no specific set of languages . You can choose any language you like. Happy Coding!