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Odin Development Server!

About a month ago I wrote this article about the Odin Job Scheduler - a programmable, observable and distributed job orchestration system. I built Odin to change the way in which we run and manage scheduled jobs, and now I want your help to manifest it's potential!

I've set up this Discord Server to concentrate the development process as we get closer to v2.0.0! There's something for everyone with the Odin project, here is a list of the current technologies used in the project:

  • Go (Used for the CLI tool, the central engine and a library)
  • Typescript and Node.js (Used for the Observability Dashboard and a library)
  • Python3 (Used for a library)
  • MongoDB (Used for job data storage)

I want to built a lot more libraries so if you're interested in Rust, Ruby or any other languages you can join too!

If you're interested feel free to pop into the Discord and say hi! You can view the Odin project here (feel free to give it a star!)

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