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For a recent post, I needed a CPAN logo, so I jumped to to find one, but the quality was very disappointing 😢


And if you look at it in gimp:
In gimp

Then I put in my mind to try to do one by myself (I'm almost a total noob at inkscape).

This weekend, after hours (yes believe me) of trials (potrace,,, autotrace, imagemagick, inkscape...) I got something nice, here is my preview 💃:
Svg screenshot
This is a png because devto does not accept to embed SVG but do not use this one but CPAN logo SVG

What about licence of logo? I don't know, I found no info on disclaimer page. If there is any problem, please shout and I remove it immediately (I will send a mail to to clarify)

EDIT: It is Artistic License or GPLv1+

The CPAN Logo provided by J.C. Thorpe.
You may distribute this document 
either under the Artistic License (comes with Perl) 
or the GNU Public License, whichever suits you.
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grinnz profile image
Dan Book • Edited

If you can get the license sorted out, maybe you can suggest it to the maintainers as the current one in the upper right looks terrible in dark mode. dark mode logo

thibaultduponchelle profile image

Ah yes it looks terrible 😨

With my version it would look more like this:

To have something even better for dark mode, maybe inverting colors or decrease the light colors on the borders of the logo would be a good idea.

raigaurav profile image
Gaurav Rai

alt text

Petition to make this an official logo everywhere.

thibaultduponchelle profile image

Thank you sir for the medal 😀