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My TPRCiC 2021 review

Last year I wrote a (poignant?) review of TPRCiC as one of my first blog posts.

Once again this year, I attended The Perl and Raku Conference in the Cloud (and I even talked 😱 🙊), so here we go again for the review!

Fresh starters

Elasticsearch Data Exploration in Your Terminal

Brad Lhotsky came with a very solid talk... 👍

With a live demo (he's mad). That worked! (he's lucky good 😁)

And the overall was very nice to listen (he's maybe experimented at this exercise - EDIT: yes he is).


I enjoyed the topic (ElasticSearch), the comparisons and expertise about this technology and other related ones.

And... Yes... A working live demo... What else?


OpenFoodFacts well deserved his lightning talk.

Stephane Giganded presented this project (does it really need to be introduced?) discussed about GSOC (or similar) and sent a call to volunteers!


Main dishes


I love when programming languages are doing cross pollination. This was the beginning of the story about perlimports from Olaf Alders.

His talk was very comprehensive from basic importing concepts to the implementation problems through vim integration and various features of his must have new tool!


I think I prefered this talk over his last year talk... Sorry to the "last-year-olaf":


What's new

One of our pumpkings rjbs gave a very common (in programming languages conferences) "what's new" talk.

If you follow the status of Perl, you know it has been a difficult year for the language. I won't go into details. I never talked about it on this blog so far (and will probably never do).


Rik highlighted this state of things very well and did it very transparently. I personally feel like he is very diplomatic and has a strong sense of duty.

The second part of the talk was about changelog, there is try/catch 🎉 and various smaller things that are still cool when explained by Rik!

(everything is cool when explained by rik ❤️ #fanboy)

Raku syntax I miss in other languages

I also enjoyed very much this talk. I know a little bit of Raku, and I have to admit that it's clearly a super powerful language.


Leon Timmermans delivered a very nice talk and he's really good at spotlighting the features of Raku like named arguments, zip operator, junction, smart match etc etc etc... (there is so much)

Local setup for a complex app using docker-compose

The presentation from Thomas Klausner is for me the perfect example of "Simple slides... Great presentation!"


He described how he managed a multi-tier application with docker-compose (it's more about service description than containerization) for reproducible local setup.

And he delivered his talk in a very pleasant way... Congrats 👍


I loved last year octology lightning talk and pip striked again!

This time with a 20min talk. I have to admit I haven't understood everything, it's always a kind of mystic/psychedelic art... And that's what I love.


I'm not hungry anymore but...

Rummaging in the clOOset

One of the most important talk of this conference is definitely the Rummaging in the clOOset talk from Curtis "Ovid" Poe


His talk discussed Object Oriented and Corinna (the incoming core Object Oriented implementation). Taking example from other languages and from important leaders then going more into details.


Sadly the beginning of the talk was a bit choppy but it does not ruined anything!

The connection issues were even the subject to funny comments:

Or even 😂

Even you can release Perl

A very nice talk from Max Maischein around release management, pumpking and perl packaging... From the inside!

With the real manual administrative details 👍


Very interesting 😄

Perl's Amazing Time Machine

And finally the talk from Paul Evans 🎉



Always very smart and technical!

I feel smarter when I listen to his presentations 😁

Cross-platform native GUIs: {trade,pay}offs, {integra,distribu}tion

Zaki Mughal delivered a comprehensive and fun (even a song) talk!


The topic was GUI, human interactions, how to build...In a multiplatforms way... A lot of things actually! 😁

Ok I'm biaised since sivoais (his nickname) is also a kind of "buddy" of mine 😁


Cut by the gong

Leonerd gave a talk about errors to avoid when doing a slide deck. While it was very interesting, it was kind of ironic that his slide about managing time was cut by the gong! (meaning the end of 5 minutes lightning talk)


At the beginning I thought it was prepared 😁

And for the record, the master of the gong:

Master of the gong


How to pronounce Perl (OpenFoodFact)

French people (including me) tends to say "pairl" for Perl when American (or just all others 😄) say more something like "Purl". But it is far from "Paul" which would more pronounce like "Pol" 😀

The back slash affair (Exploring Text-Based Protocols)

Could we decide once for all? 😁

south-west to north-east / is "slash"
north-west to south-east \ is "back slash"

Anyway the talk from Joel Berger was very interesting 👍


Once again, I enjoyed so much these 3 great days of conference!
I'm very proud for having joined the speaker side 💪 (have you seen?)

Kudos/Hugs/👍/💪 to organizers and sponsors.

EDIT: I realized that I shared almost all but my talks (because hey I'm not mad enough to review my own talks 😝), but maybe you would be interested in watching them, so here are the links:

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I am really liking Corrina. A lot of good thought it going into that. The talks about the "state of Perl" that revolved around the community left me pensive (if that is the right word).

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Thanks for the review. I had missed Paul Evans talk and went back based on your comment and glad I did!

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I'm glad if I gave a good advice :)

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🌌 Sébastien Feugère ☔

Thanks for the tldr.