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Set Your Sights

The direction of our gaze is such a powerful tool. The power to create our future is dictated far more on where our eyes are set than on just about anything else.

Think about it. When driving a car, it is effectively impossible to go anywhere but where you are looking. If you try, your progress will quickly come to a very abrupt halt. Life is the same. In both a literal and metaphorical sense, we cannot move anywhere we aren't looking. If we simply spend our time looking at a specific goal, we can't help but make progress towards it.

Ask yourself this question: where are your sights set? Are they TRULY set on what you tell others - or even yourself? Or are they set on something else, regardless of what you may say or pretend?

Here are 4 indicators of what your sights are actually set on.

  1. Focus. If we are constantly glancing about, then our sights are not set upon anything. What do you actually focus on, giving it exclusive attention?
  2. Time. Time looking at just that thing. What do you spend your time gazing at?
  3. Being present. If we are daydreaming or distracted by things (phones, social media, etc) we are no longer seeing what we are looking at. Are you halting your progress with distractions?
  4. Study. The object of our gaze must obviously intrigue us otherwise we wouldn't spend so much time and energy focused upon it. Setting your sights upon something means study, thought, and investigation. What are you intellectually engaged in?

After taking this assessment, ask yourself again, what are your sights set upon? Is it time to make a change and set your sights upon something else? Something of more value?

Happy coding!

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